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  1. Brandon Marzan says:

    A sketch while I was in the Colosseum.

    • Brandon Marzan says:

      Oops! Re-do.

      • Brandon Marzan says:

        When entering the Colosseum, I had this overwhelming, surreal feeling–much like the feeling I had the first few days I was in Rome. I could not grasp that there were gladiators and animal sacrifices in this Colosseum. There was a fun fact that in the beginnings of the Colosseum, there were 5,000 animal sacrifices in 100 days.

  2. Brandon Marzan says:

    A sketch of the David in Firenze (Florence).

  3. Brandon Marzan says:

    A sketch of a statue while in Firenze (Florence).

  4. Brandon Marzan says:

    The Sound of Music. A sketch of what I felt, while listening to a concert near the Teatro di Marcello.

    • Brandon Marzan says:

      Observation at the Tetro di Marcello.
      The wind blows lightly as I write. Seagulls screech as they fly. I hear chit chat in Italian around me. There are many people waiting for the concert. Many are middle-aged or older.

  5. Brandon Marzan says:

    Observations at Villa Sciara. 29 June 2013. 9:40am.
    I got an early start today because my body seems to have gotten used to the early schedule. I sit and wait at Villa Sciara. There are people of all ages taking strolls, many have dogs with them. There are a variety of dogs: Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Spaniels, Labradors, and so forth. There is a light breeze that rustles the palm leaves nearby. I hear vehicles’ engines and church bells ringing. I hear birds chirping various tunes. I notice one lady walking her pug and it reminds me of a saying that I heard when I was young: pets tend to look like their owners.

  6. Bill Hynes says:


    Loved your sensitive reflections on those around you. You are one of the few Rome Prizers who mentioned sounds!

    Delighted you interacted so deeply with this experience!

    See you soon!



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