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  1. Isamar Quiroz says:

    A tomb in Ostia Antica. Many of these tombs are used for the fountains found throughout Rome. Look at the detail!

  2. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Let’s try that again…

  3. Isamar Quiroz says:

    In awe of the structure of the Pantheon.

  4. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Florence took my breath away!

  5. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Walking down an alley in Florence.

  6. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Looking down into St. Peter’s.

  7. Isamar Quiroz says:

    While speaking to an Italian:

    ” Your language has a strange sound frequency [that is difficult for me to understand]“

  8. Isamar Quiroz says:

    We’re not tourists and we’re not lost, I swear.

  9. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Observation: 25/6/13 at 9:00 am waiting for the bus

    “…And then I look up and notice three familiar colors: el rojo (the red), el blanco (the white), y el verde (and the green). These colors sort of catalyze a surprising attachment to Italy, an attachment that I did not expect to have in such a short period of time. Everyone sitting around is waiting for the bus, all well dressed individuals…and I’m here with jean shorts and a stripped blue shirt.”

  10. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Strolling along the Tiber River.

  11. Isamar Quiroz says:

    While visiting the Basilica Di San Clemente we were given time to do some exploring. This Basilica was quite unique because it had three levels. It was cool being able to place ourselves into this physical timeline. There was the main level, which still held mass and contained many renaissance paintings; the middle- 4th century level; and the last (technically first) 1st century level.

    Observation: 23/6/13 While observing the Descent of Christ Into Limbo
    One can’t help but mention the dampness the walls emit. It is fresh down here (second level of the church because it was the most history I could handle/place myself in today) and quiet as well. Very peaceful. On a more spiritual level, it has a big impact because it really anchored my heart. This fresco , made SO many years ago, still holds the same power upon the viewer as it did to a viewer of the past. It is a simple piece but it’s message is still quite strong and profound.

  12. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Let’s try that Pantheon one again.

  13. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Ohhh the legendary gelato. <3

  14. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Observation/reflection : 29/6/13

    As the city life around this place changes: the form of transportation advances, the buildings on the street mold to reflect the culture, and the city life evolves, this building still remains here with the same purpose that it had in the past. I should keep the foundational values that make up “who I am” while allowing myself to grow, instead of resisting a transformation.”

  15. Isamar Quiroz says:

    Scuola Di Atene (School of Athens)! A fresco created by Rafaello Sanzio. It depicts many famous philosophers. At the time that this was created, Michael Angelo was working in the Sistine Chapel and Sanzio snuck a peak at his ceiling work. He was in complete admiration of Michaelangelo’s work that he returned to his fresco and commended Michael Angelo by including him in his fresco.

  16. Isamar Quiroz says:

    A sketch of a statue made by Lorenzo Bartolini. He was really able to capture beauty.

  17. Bill Hynes says:


    I loved your combination of short observations and thoughtful insights! Comparing our own selves to buildings that stand the test of time but are occupied by different values at different times!

    See you soon!


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