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  1. Misty Martinez says:

    Observation from Basilica de San Clemente (23.6.13)

    Sitting in the bottom level of the Basilica is very eerie. It’s very dark, cold, musty, old, and undefinable. Dating back to the 1st century, it holds a lot of history, just like the rest of Rome. To think that people once lived and dwelled within these walls in unbelievable. To see what these walls have seen is beyond my comprehension. Sitting in a corner, 30 feet underground, under modern day Rome is surreal. I like the idea of the mini temple because of its ability to see the stars and sky through the ceiling once. We often times take advantage of everything we have today and forget to think of where it once originated. One would never know that this dwelling ground once existed unless they took the time to study it or visit it. The people that once lived here probably never imagined how it would look today.
    Walking from level to level is magical. To see the transformation from each decade is amazing. Once we got to the top of the Basilica, I was amazed at how different it looked from the very bottom. It’s colorful, and so full of life at the top, especially the ceiling but the bottom level is very faint and dull to the eye. There are similarities between the ground with the tile and the fish design but the ceiling is more beautiful. Something I noticed was the anchor that was in the upper level Basilica. It was in the main ceiling painting as well as on top of the alter above the cross. I don’t know what it represents exactly, but I plan on finding out.
    Sitting inside the Basilica is so different from from sitting in front of the Colosseum. From sitting in complete quiet and silent wandering prayers find their way to God’s ear to complete chaos at the Colosseum. Cars zoom by with the variety of buses, motorcycles, vespas, mini cars, and biking bells. The shuffling of feet and constant commotion of people talking and yelling in different languages, not just Italian. To hear the diversity in a not so diverse history is eye opening. It’s nice to sit in a quiet, cool, and calming sanctuary where I find myself in peace compared to the any place else in this city.

  2. Misty Martinez says:

    Third Person Observation

    She sat on the steps just opposite of Tiberina Island soaking in everything around her, especially the beautiful weather. The sun was hiding behind a massive amount of fluffy clouds giving off a sort of somber ora. All she wanted was a cup of cappuccino and a mini chocolate macaroon, or two.
    When looking out onto the river, she imagined all that dwelt below it, within it, and above it. A constant flowing of murky greenness that took up a lot more room than anyone ever noticed. A variety of people walked along the bridge, while others rode their bikes around it. The minotaur fixated in their posing stance looking both fierce and active.
    Across from the minotaurs was the hospital. What gave that away was the annoying ambulance siren that was heard from the island traveling towards an emergency. Who knew where it was headed, but at least it was heading somewhere. The hospital on an island was a great idea for a future zombie apocalypse. They would have all the supplies they needed, and could break down the bridge for complete isolation. Unless, the zombie infection began on the island itself! In that case, the infected would be contained on the island so they couldn’t travel and spread their life altering disease elsewhere.
    The island is pretty peaceful surrounded by chirping birds. However, the zooming vespas and cars with the constant honking keeps me anchored to the fact that I’m actually still in the city of Rome. The empty chairs and tents await the arrival of the crazy Italians and their ever so famous night life. Once could be fooled during the day of the extreme love of the night life just by sitting at the river throughout the day. The comparison of as different as night and day is completely applicable.

  3. Misty Martinez says:

    Day trip to Bracciano, Italy!

  4. Misty Martinez says:

    School of Athens by Raphael at the Vatican Museum

  5. Misty Martinez says:

    View of St. Peter’s Basilica from through a hole

  6. Misty Martinez says:

    Trip to St. Peter’s Basilica

    The church is beyond beautiful. There really are no existing words that can even come close to describing this church. The paintings, the structure, the statues, and more importantly…God’s children. His own creation in his home, coming to see the most famous church in this world. It’s so amazing to see all the different people here, praising him. Although some of the people here may not even believe in God, he still loves them and protects them because within each one of them is a piece of Him. We were all created to live out a purpose destined by His plan. I may not know or fully understand my purpose just yet, but I know that there are no flaws or mistakes in God’s plan. I really just with my grandma could be here because I know she would really enjoy it, and my mom as well. She reached out to you in time of need and you took her from us because you needed her more. Now she’s one of your angels watching over me. I suppose this is the closest I will be to Heaven until your destined time, but I can feel your closeness. I can feel you everywhere here, above me, next to me, and all around me. It’s amazing what the hands of God can do and what His people are capable of doing. My faith has always been one of my strongest attributes and it always will be.

  7. Misty Martinez says:

    Free write similar to Invisible Cities (pg. 31)

    From a birds eye view, you see this picture perfect country with water the color of blue gems and land the color of emerald hills. Looking down, everything looks perfect in Mislidia. The ancient landmarks, perfectly unique streets, and the miniature cars that find a parking spot every time. All this is seen as perfection to what “we know”.
    People come and people go, walking the streets from a zoomed in view of the city of historic perfection. The dreams and desire that brought them here create an illusion that does not reflect the truth of Mislidia. However, it offers opportunity and hope to those that have spent their lives imagining this moment. To those that are not from Mislidia, they do not know the hiding truth behind these streets they walk and the walls they rub against when walking by.
    The zoomed in view now shows the buildings in their entirety, corresponding to the dates of a previous era. The river constantly flowing as nature intended it to, and the natural inhabitants carrying on with their normal lives watching the zoo of tourists come and go laughing at their ignorance.
    Zooming back to the birds eye view, Mislidia takes the beautiful picture perfect illusion and creates a possibility for the strangers who follow their desires and imagination. One day they may know the truth to Mislidia, but until that day comes, they will only be mislead by their ignorant desire.

  8. Misty Martinez says:

    Granita di caffe con la panna :)

  9. Misty Martinez says:

    View of Vatican City from on top of St Peter’s Basilica

  10. Bill says:


    You are quite the writer with a great sense of the poetic and the imaginative! I enjoyed all your comments as well as your great shots! Is the “hole” picture from the Castle San Angelo?

    See you soon!

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