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  1. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    On our day off, my roommate, Katie and I decided we wanted to become Romans for the day. We went down to a cafe/bar to have a little brunch. She had a sandwich and I went with the traditional croissant filled with jam, we both had a cappuccino. We tried our hardest not to look like tourists, but it seems like we were wearing huge “Americani” signs because every shop we walked into, we were spoken to in English. Not very helpful when we are trying to learn Italian and pretend to be locals. Oh well.

  2. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    One of the best experiences from the whole trip was definitely visiting the Vatican and climbing to the very top of St. Peter’s dome. The view from the top was absolutely amazing. It was a rough climb but definitely worth it.

  3. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    Hopefully this picture works!

  4. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    A re-do of the view at the top of the dome!

  5. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    Ostia Antica was one of the first places we visited and I instantly fell in love with the history and the antiquity of everything that was surrounding me. One step into the amphitheater there and I thought it was huge! That is until I visited the many other monuments that are even bigger.

  6. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    I enjoyed visiting the Pantheon and taking pictures t different angles that one would otherwise not pay attention to. For example, people always focus on the columns of the Pantheon and a front view, this is a side view that tells you a lot about its structure, how it was built, and why it’s withheld for so long.

  7. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    While I only understood bits and pieces of the opera we attended, I really enjoyed it, plus Chiara was there to translate a few scenes for Isamar and I. Even without the dialogue one could understand it and have a few good laughs. My first opera, check! Even better that it was in Italy!

  8. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    Observation–On The Way to the Catacombs 25/6/2013
    “I look around and see people about their day; rushing, running, graffiti and garbage here and there, and I think to myself, ‘Do the people who live here appreciate it all or know how special it is, or even think about how lucky they are to be surrounded by such beauty daily.’ But then again, they must be used to it. Maybe if it was reversed, and they were observing me, they would ask the same question.
    I think it’s not that they neglect it, it’s just what they’re used to, sort of like the way we’re used to the golden gate bridge.”

  9. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    Excerpt from the ‘Who am I?’ prompt–30/6
    “Here in Italy, I’m not even looked at as a Mexican, instead, I’m purely an American, and apparently, they hate Americans. We’re constantly looked at negatively and in a bad light. I really think it’s because of a mixture of government officials, the way we’re portrayed on TV, and in movies. But also, because of the tourists and foreign students that come to this country and ‘act a fool.’ They party too much, drink way too much, are loud and obnoxious, and have a complete disregard for learning the culture or language. My identity at times becomes insignificant because I don’t consider myself American, I’ve always said I’m either Mexican or Mexican-American. Here, I speak English (American English that is), look American, dress like an American, or maybe I should say ‘outsider,’ because really, if you look foreign or like an outsider, you’re automatically looked at in a bad way.”

  10. Yesenia Lechuga says:

    Prompt-How am I different from a tourist?–1/7/2013
    “What makes me different from a tourist? Not much in the aspect of, we’re both foreigners, we’re not in our own element, we came to experience something new. But in the aspect of learning the culture, we are polar opposites. I’ve come to literally engulf myself in the Italian, or more Roman lifestyle. Eating bread and coffee every morning, eating gelato literally everyday, sometimes twice a day, taking the bus, for free. I can honestly say, ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici.’ I came, I saw, I conquered. Tourists may say I came and I saw, but did they really conquer? I think not.”

  11. Chiara says:

    Yes Yesenia,
    You indeed conquered Rome and because of this I, as a Roman, would be honored to give you the laurels!

  12. Bill says:


    Your observations and comments are most perceptive! You came, you saw, and you conquered! It is also said that “To the victor belongs the spoils!” Marshal McCluhan reversed this and said “To the spoils belongs the victor!” He meant that even if you seem to conquer a culture, it really is you that is captured by it (its food, customs, history, etc.)!



  13. Sister Rosemarie Nassif says:

    Yesenia, I loved re-experiencing Rome through your eyes. Rome is my favorite city in the world. I, too, climbed to the top of St. Peter’s, probably before you were born. Can’t wait to meet you and share our Italian passions together. Thanks so much for the post card.
    Sister Rosemarie

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