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I’d like to begin by thanking you the donors for their generous donation. I am extremely grateful, as well as excited for the opportunities that lay ahead. I thank them again for your generosity.
My name is Tere Hernandez, I am now a Senior at Holy Names University studying International Relations and will soon be graduating in May 2015. Currently I am involved with the Model United Nations club, also known as Model UN or MUN, which is an extracurricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. At the end of most conferences, outstanding delegates in each committee are recognized and given an award certificate. I am happy to say I was recently elected to be next years President for MUN. I enjoy giving back to my campus and community so this past year I decided to join the Red Cross Club. I am also a student assistant at the Student Success Center a resource center for students where my main job is to help students in any possible way. ​

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  1. Tere Hernandez says:

    You are walking inside one of the architectures of Filippo Brunelleschi. Describe it as you are watching it with your eyes and perceptive senses.
    I imagine myself entering the Pazzi Chapel, first cloister of Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence Italy. As I am walking towards the chapel I begin to feel excited as I approach the chapel, I begin to think about all the history and art that this chapel contains. I start to realize many people before walked the road I am about to walk. The chapel was not just a building it was a structure of accomplishment, accomplishment in many forms such as in art and architecture. I notice the entrance has many levels for instance to my left I notice a higher level, such as a passage/hallway and to my right a lower, leveled open hallway. As I walk closer to the chapel towards the dome I go through two big wooden doors. I am stunned by the beauty that I am witnessing. I take a moment and just take it all in, I begin to feel fortunate to be able to walk through the path that many Romans once walked and conversated with each other, talked about what the future might be like, or talked about the plan they had for themselves. By now I am standing under the dome and feeling even more fascinated by the lovely light that shines down on me. By this moment I acquire a calm state of mind, I have no worries, feeling stress-free and queen of the world. The dome gives away a vibe of structure and organization by the way its built, Brunelleschi spent endless hours planning this chapel. He did something that was never done before, he brought light into the dome by making openings on the dome for the light to enter the chapel.

  2. Tere Hernandez says:

    The book I chose for my traveling was Street Life in Renaissance Rome, A Brief History with Documents by Rudolph M. Bell. The book focuses on Rome during the Renaissance Period, it contains a map with various illustrations to expand the readers view on the locations. I had an idea of Rome during the Renaissance but this book give a short summary defying the Renaissance which was very helpful when I first started reading Street Life in Renaissance Rome. It amazes me how much has changed since then but has not been forgotten by the rest, Giovanni Boccaccio for example is discussed in the book and given a brief summary on some of his encounters during life, it just excites me to read about someones work and knowing I might get the chance to see some of their lives work. I specifically chose this book simply because the title intrigued me, I wanted to read more about life in Rome before and try to compare it to today.

  3. Mario Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for the knowledge Tere. I found your comments fascinating and I enjoy hearing how you are comparing Rome from then to now. It’s clear that you’re fascinated with Rome and I’m happy to know that you were able to attend this trip. I hope to see much more comments regarding your trip and be safe! Hope to see you soon!

  4. Tyrone Robinson Jr says:


    In there like swimwear dawg! Post to the page please! Let us know where you all have been because I’m going to have too many questions for you. Make sure you get an Italian Icee, tell Chiara Tyrone said its a must, you’ll love it. Also, I want to know who your favorite martyr or saint is, there everywhere, so you got to pick one. Oh and renaissance artist too. ttyl…

  5. Tere Hernandez says:

    My first Italian pizza in Rome, Trestevere.

  6. Tere Hernandez says:

    Let’s try that again..

  7. Tere Hernandez says:

    Il mio primo gelato di nutella e menta.

  8. Tere Hernandez says:

    My first Italian pizza in Rome, Trestevere..

  9. Tere Hernandez says:

    Il mio primo gelato di nutella e menta

  10. Tere Hernandez says:

    Date: June 27, 2014
    We had independent study, which meant we could roam around Rome with the others.
    This is near by the Tiber River in Rome with my buddy Isa. This is one of my first sketches that made me realize how much I enjoy sketching, it became a way for me to gather my thoughts and let my mind wonder.

  11. Tere Hernandez says:

    Date; July 5, 2014
    A Day at the Vatican Museum…. And what a day it was!
    When we first arrived at the Vatican Museum I was surprised to see a HUGE line to get inside. I thought to myself, “Were for sure going to be here for hours” but then Andy and Chiara came to the rescue telling the group they had made reservations and we didn’t have to wait in line at all. I walked with a smile on face knowing we didn’t have to wait outside in the heat, I felt pretty bad passing all the people who looked tired and anxious to get inside. Oh well…
    This is a sketch of what seems to be part of the Vatican Museum and a sneak peek of my journal entry.

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