Parking Permits & Policies

Parking Regulations

Holy Names is an open but controlled campus.  The University is intent on maintaining a friendly academic setting for higher education and special learning, as well as provide a place for a variety of cultural and community activities. Certain restrictions have been established to help manage access and parking on campus with optimal safety concerns as a priority.  However, because we are a private institution, all must keep in mind that access onto our campus is by permission and parking is a privilege.  To heighten the safety of all students, faculty, and staff, screening of traffic and persons entering this campus will be performed in a controlled and consistent manner.  To ensure adequate parking for all students, faculty, and staff, these parking regulations will be strictly enforced.  Ultimately, it is our wish that everyone have a safe and successful year at Holy Names University!

The Office of Campus Safety is located in the Soda Commons (entrance on the campus road along the rear of the building). Office hours will be Monday through Friday between 1300 hours and 2100 hours. Administrative assistance and open door sessions will be between 1500 hours and 1700 hours each day.  Do not expect that the Director of Campus Safety will be in the office at other times!  Make an appointment if necessary to handle personal matters, or to file a report.  All forms and Campus Safety Documents will be available upon request.  All forms will be available on-line or from a hard copy file on the outside of my office door.  All paperwork can be submitted in person, by inter-office mail, by email, or slipped under my office door. If you want an item returned by mail, you must submit your paperwork with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Otherwise, the paperwork will be held in a file awaiting pick-up by you during my administrative hours.

All vehicles parking on the campus must display a valid Holy Names University parking permit.  There are three (3) types of authorized parking permits.

  • Permanent Party permits – This will include staff and faculty who have a permanent and daily association with the campus. This permit can be obtained from the Director of Campus Safety.  This permit is good for the tenure of the professional relationship of the issued party on campus.  The permit is to be turned in to the Campus Safety Office upon permanent departure.
  • Annual permit – This will include all alumni, students, parent groups, and contractual parties, i.e. athletics, prep music who use the campus on an annual basis. This permit can be obtained from the Director of Campus Safety. This permit is good for one year.
  • Temporary permit- This will include all groups using the campus.  This permit will be tailored for the period of visitation necessary for the party to conduct their approved activities on campus.  This permit can be obtained from the Director of Campus Safety, or arranged for pick-up at the entry gate. This permit is valid only for the time period indicated on the face of this permit.
  • No daily passes will be issued. Instead a non-permitted person will be placed on an entry log completed by the security guard at the gate at the time of entry.  This log will contain the name of the individual, purpose on campus and the license plate of their vehicle.

A permit allows the holder to park one vehicle on campus.  Holy Names University assumes no responsibility for theft, fire or damage to any vehicle or any contents therein.  Acceptance of this permit is an agreement to abide by all University rules and regulations.  Vehicles in violation of University regulations are subject to fine/and or towing in accordance with CVC sections 21113(a) and 22658.  Permit is void if altered or is not displayed in a fully visible manner. The Permit is to be displayed in the lower, left corner of the front windshield above the window well. Permit is valid only for the time period indicated by the categories described.  By accepting this permit the recipient acknowledges that s/he reads and agrees to the foregoing conditions.

An application form must be filled out and submitted on an annual basis for a permit.  The application must be filled out completely with all boxes and requests for information completed.  I can not issue a permit without a license plate.  Those with new vehicles awaiting plates will be issued a temporary permit and converted to a permanent permit at the earliest opportunity.  All fees must be paid at the time of registration.  All outstanding tickets must be resolved before a renewal of a permit will be authorized.  If you have a completed form, your fees resolved, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope attached – I will return the permit by mail. If the permit can not be processed because you have incomplete information, there will be a delay. I will attempt to contact you by the primary email listing on your form.  If you are renewing an application, already on file with me, then it can be resubmitted by email and picked up from my office during administrative hours. All unresolved issues will need to be processed during administrative hours or by making an appointment with me directly for an available time.


  • Permanent Party permits
    • Current staff:  1st permit is waived; additional permits are $15 each. No limit. One permit per vehicle. Permits are not transferable.
    • New Employees hired after 1 Jan 07: $15 per permit. No limit. One permit per vehicle. Permits are not transferable.
  • Annual permit
    • HNU Students:  1st permit fee is waived; additional permits are $5 each. No limit. One permit per vehicle. Permits are not transferable.
    • Others:  $5 per permit. No limit. One permit per vehicle. Permits are not transferable.
  • Temporary permit
    • No fee

Any vehicle coming on campus must have one of the three permits described above or will be subject to an immediate tow as an uninvited guest.  Therefore, it is imperative that all vehicles be registered for campus activities. Registration will be conducted throughout the year from the Campus Safety Office.

In the beginning of August a new annual registration cycle will begin.  All previous permits will expire and a new annual permit must be obtained.   There will be a registration grace period, allowing all persons the opportunity to get registered at their convenience, which will terminate on 30 September of each year. On October 1, anyone not registered will be cited and told to go directly to the Campus Safety Office to obtain a permit. There will be no daily pass issued for violators of the registration process.

All lots are open to anyone with a valid parking permit, except as follows:

Reserved for Faculty and Staff:


  • Lot on upper level of VCPA by flagpole
  • Lot in front of Hester Administration Building
  • Lot bordered by Brennan and Tobin Halls
  • Parking spaces directly behind Dunn Hall
  • Parking spaces in front of Raskob Institute

Reserved for Resident Students:


  • The Dunn Hall parking lot is reserved for residence hall residents only.  Visitors are requested to park in open lots, not the reserved areas.

Reserved for Maintenance and Food Service:


  • Parking spaces directly behind the Kitchen and Plant Offices

Reserved for Special Circumstances:


  • Parking Spaces specifically marked for Admissions visitors
  • Parking Spaces specifically marked for Hester visitors
  • Parking Spot reserved for the University President

At times, to accommodate large special events on campus, certain parking lots will be closed to permit holders. Notification will be provided on-line with as much advance warning as possible.  Additionally, there will be visible signs, cones and cordoned off area postings to identify changes to an area’s use.  These postings will be strictly enforced for parking violations and any tampering with the equipment will be cited.

During commencement, parking will be limited to campus personnel. Only those participating in the event and/or by obtaining “a special graduation permit” will be allowed on campus. Alternative off-campus parking and shuttle transportation will be provided. These arrangements will be developed and tailored for each graduating class’s needs.

Holy Names University is private property, and it reserves the right to have towed at the owner’s expense any vehicle parked in a prohibited manner.   Once a vehicle has been towed off campus, the owner must make their own arrangements for the recovery of their vehicle.

Towing Info:  Berry Bros. Towing & Transport
598 55th Street
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 465-7215

All parking violations have a $50.00 fine. Any parking violation on campus will result in a citation and fine or the removal of the vehicle. The violations list is not all inclusive and may be modified as needed.  These modifications will be made public.  The following offenses are enforced:

  • Parking:  Prohibited by Signs or Markings
  • Parking:  Red Zone
  • Parking:  Loading Zone
  • Parking:  Fire Lane
  • Parking:  Fire Hydrant
  • Parking:  Blocking Traffic
  • Parking:  Irregular or out of line
  • Parking:  Blocking Walkway
  • Parking:  Handicapped Space
  • Parking:  Staff & Faculty Lot
  • Parking:  Reserved areas
  • Permit:   NO current HNU parking permit
  • Permit:   Improper Use of HNU permit
  • Tow:      Abandoned Vehicle on Campus over 72 hours
  • Other:    (As needed)

All moving violations have a $150.00 fine on first offense. The second offense is $250.00.  A third offense will cause the loss of driving privileges on campus for a determined period of time. Our campus serves a population from pre-school aged children through the disabled and elderly with special needs; therefore it is imperative that these violations be enforced with zero tolerance.  The following violations will be cited as on-view violations without the necessity of a vehicle stop.  This means if you are observed committing a violation and the description of the incident is turned over to Campus Safety, you are citable.

The following offenses will be enforced:

  • Speed limit:  Note: The Campus Speed Limit is 15mph!
  • Stop sign
  • One-way traffic: Note: It is a one-way circle around campus, once you pass the Hester Bldg. parking lot there is no turn around to exit!
  • Proceeding through the gate in the wrong direction
  • Failing to yield to the guard’s request
  • Reckless Driving. I.e. Spin-outs/doughnuts in the parking lots

Notification of the on-view citation will be placed on staff and faculty’s Holy Names University email account or for students it will be posted on their PUCON email site, or on the primary email site recorded on your application form which should always be kept up to date. The appeal must be submitted within 14 days of this posting rather than the citation date as you will not have a hardcopy in your possession. THIS MEANS ALL STUDENTS MUST CHECK THEIR PUCON ACCOUNTS FOR CAMPUS SAFETY INFORMATION ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!

The only way to appeal a citation is by submitting a Citation Appeals Form within 14 days of the citation date, not by phone, nor email, or by drop in visits!!!  The Citation Appeal Form can be picked up in the Student Resource Center, Hester Building, in Room 13 or from the Campus Safety Office, Brennan, Room 45, or on-line.  The instructions must be followed to the letter for consideration and ease of operations.  The response will be returned by mail, only. The completed form can be dropped off at the Campus Safety Office or mailed.  The form will be reviewed by the Director of Campus Safety.  Student Resource Personnel have no responsibility in the appeal process and can answer no questions regarding your ticket.  All tickets will be submitted for billing by the Director of Campus Safety.  Otherwise, make checks payable to “Holy Names University” and submit it with your ticket to Campus Safety. A fine may be paid off at any time. An option of performing Community Service is available; the service will be performed at Holy Names University and assigned at the discretion of the Director of Campus Safety. A final decision on all appeals will be made by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Periodically, we will have an emergency whereby, I will put out a community alert to notify vehicle owner’s to move their cars for some immediate purpose on campus.  I will put out the alert by email, and attempt contact by phone.  Failure to respond to the directive may result in your car being towed at your expense.  I will not do this for casual reasons, but by the necessity of the situation.  Therefore, we must work as a community to alert each other when one of these situations may arise and lend each other a helping hand.  I will always appreciate the assistance and camaraderie!

Dana L. Kirkpatrick
Director of Campus Safety
(510) 436-1601