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Sophia Center for Culture and Spirituality - a wisdom center celebrating Earth, Art and Spirituality

Dear Friends: Welcome!

Jim ConlonSophia Center is a place to align your aspirations to the challenges presented by this new defining moment in human/earth relations.

For over two decades, our campus, in the wooded hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay, has been a gathering place for people from many backgrounds and traditions to explore the profoundly changing human experience that Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry foresaw.

At the Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality scholars and seekers probe the remarkable contemporary convergence that is blending religion, art, science and justice into an all-embracing, global cosmology. This year, our degree-granting and community programs continue to expand, unfolding with ever-renewing commitment.

In July, the Sophia Summer Institute 2014 "The Mystery of Nature and Soul" features: a four-day gathering, theologians, scientists, social activists and spiritual teachers who will infuse the idea of globalization with a vital and much-needed spiritual dimension.

In the Fall and Spring, our Thursday Forums and Friday Night Conversations will present in a new series of discussions open to the community distinguished thinkers who are defining a new cosmology.

We invite you to join us, as together we celebrate our participation in an engaged spirituality of creativity, compassion and depth. As the voice Earth invites us, we hope your path will lead you to Sophia Center where your spiritual journey can advance.

In Wisdom's Blessing,
Jim Conlon


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