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Visiting and Core Sophia Center Faculty

At the Sophia Center you will be nurtured by a remarkable faculty dedicated to fostering a greater understanding of the unfolding universe and its implications for the world and its ways. Your teachers are theologians, cosmologists, historians, research and earth scientists, biblical scholars, artists, psychologists, dancers, musicians, and sociologists. Collectively, they honor a variety of learning styles and understand the needs of adults who are lifelong learners.

James A. Conlon, Ph.D.
Director of the Holy Names University/Sophia Center
(510) 436-1427

Outstanding Scholars and Teachers of New Cosmology

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AnthonyCarl Anthony, PhD is currently a Ford Foundation Senior Fellow and Visiting Scholar at the Department of Geography at the University of California at Berkeley. Before joining the Ford Foundation, he was Founder and Executive Director of the Urban Habitat Program, He served as President of Earth Island Institution, an international organization for the protection of the biosphere. He co-founded and published the Race, Poverty and the Environment Journal, the only environmental justice periodical in the United States. Anthony is co founder with Margaret Paloma Pavel of the Earth House Leadership Center. He is writing a book on the Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race.

BaumGregory Baum, PhD is Professor Emeritus at McGill University's Faculty of Religious Studies. His academic education was in Catholic theology and sociology; his publications dealt with ecumenical relations, inter-religious dialogue, and the religious quest for a just and peaceful world. During the Vatican Council (1962-1965), he was an appointed theologian at the Ecumenical Secretariat responsible for the conciliar documents on Ecumenism, Religious Liberty and the Church's Relationship to Non-Christian Religions. Among his many publications, his book Religion and Alienation has recently been released by Novalis.

BerezanJennifer Berezan, MA, is an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter/recording artist and teacher. She is a unique blend of poet, musician, and music healer. She has been performing and recording for the past 20 years, creating a wide range of styles from folk/rock to meditative healing recordings. Her work includes many collaborations and features guest artists such as Academy Award winning actress Olympia Dukakis and Pulitzer Price winner author Alice Walker. (About Berezan)

BerryThomas Berry, MDiv, (1914-2009) founded the History of Religious Program at Fordham University and the Riverdale Center of religious Research. He has served as president of the American Teilhard de Chardin Association, and won a Lannan Foundation Award for The Dream of the Earth. Together with the scientist Brian Swimme, he wrote The Universe Story: A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos. (About Berry)

BrixCynthia Brix, MDiv, is Program Director of Satyana Institute. She was formerly the Unitarian Universalistic campus minister at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and completed her seminary training at Iliff School of Theology. A student of Eknath Easwaran’s Passage Meditation, Cynthia co-leads retreats on interfaith spirituality for religious leaders and supports women’s projects in India. Cynthia is contributing author of Divine Duality: The Power of Reconciliation Between Women and Men.

Michael Brownlee of Catalyst for Transition Colorado was trained as a journalist and served as a writer, producer, and communication consultant in the corporate arena for many years. Before dedicating himself to relocalization work he offered transformational workshops and consulting for those seeking to discover and/or fulfill their life purpose.He is actively involved in two other closely-related movements: Slow Money, founded by Woody Tasch, author of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farming, and Fertility Mattered; and the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), founded by Judy Wicks. (Michael Brownlee’s Blog)

CanePatricia Mathes Cane, PhD. is the Founder/Director of Capacitar International. She has taught thousands of workshops to grassroots groups and professionals in the Americas, Africa the Middle East and Europe. She has a PhD in Multicultural Wellness Education and is author of eight Capacitar Manuals. As founder and Director of Capacitar, an international project of empowerment and solidarity, she works nationally and international in the area of personal and societal healing and transformation. She is the author of Capacitar Manual of Body-Mind-Spirit Practices; and Trauma Healing and Transformation.

Cassou Michele Cassou, Author of Point Zero, Creativity Without Limits, and co-author of Paint and Passion: The Magic of Spontaneous Expression. She is known internationally for her ground breaking work in exploring the spiritual dimensions of the creative process. She has made several videos of her work and has taught workshops in the US and Europe for the last 25 years. (About Cassou)

CawleyKevin Cawley, CFC, PhD, GreenFaith Fellow ‘09, recently completed North America’s only comprehensive interfaith education and training program to prepare clergy and laity for religious-environmental leadership, and the certificate program in Earth Literacy from Genesis Farm. Prior to his term in congregational leadership, Kevin trained in spiritual direction at the Center for Spirituality and Justice, was President of Bishop Hendricken High School in Warwick, Rhode Island, and served for ten years as a member of the faculty and administration at Iona College in New York. A graduate of Fordham University with a doctorate in Literacy Education, he now serves as Coordinator of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation for Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America and represents Edmund Rice International - an NGO operating in thirty countries - at the United Nations in New York and Geneva. Environmental newsletter, "Carbon Rangers". (View archive).

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Cobb John B. Cobb, Jr., PhD, is a leader in the field of process theology. He taught theology at the Claremont School of Theology and the Claremont Graduate School. He is founding co-director of the Center for Process Studies and co-founder of Mobilization for the Human Family, and author of Transforming Christianity and the World, The Earthiest Challenge of Economism, and Postmodernism and Public Policy.

Conlon Jim Conlon, PhD, is the director of the Holy Names University/Sophia Center. He has degrees in chemistry, theology, social science and culture and spirituality. He is the author of Beauty, Wonder and Belonging, From the Stars to the Street, At the Edge of Our Longing, The Sacred Impulse, Pondering from the Precipice, Lyrics for Re-Creation, Earth Story, Secret Story, and Geo-Justice. (More about Conlon)

Cousineau Phil Cousineau is a best-selling author, award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, teacher, and sports coach. He has published over twenty books, most recently Once and Future Myths and Stoking the Creative Fires, and he has more than twenty film credits, including The Hero's Journey: The World of Joseph Campbell and The Future of the City: Reinventing the Urban World. His books include: The Hero's Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work, Soul: An Anthology: Reading from Socrates to Ray Charles, the Art of Pilgrimage, Once and Future Myths, and The Way Things Are: Conversations with Huston Smith on The Spiritual Life. (More about Cousineau)

Fania Davis, PhD In the more than two and one-half decades since receiving her law degree from University of California, Berkeley, Ms. Davis has been a civil rights trial lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area with a subspecialty in academic discrimination litigation. Ms. Davis entered a PhD program in Indigenous Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies and studied with indigenous elders around the globe, including from South Africa. She has been teaching and writing about indigenous peacemaking and restorative justice, and speaking internationally on those subjects. She is founder and Executive Director of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY), which promotes a theory of justice which challenges the fundamental assumptions in the dominant discourse about justice.

DeignanKathleen Deignan,CND, PhD, GreenFaith Fellow ‘08, recently completed North America’s only comprehensive interfaith education and training program to prepare clergy and laity for religious-environmental leadership. A student of Father Thomas Berry during her graduate work in the History of Christian Spirituality and Historical Theology at Fordham University, New York, Dr. Deignan is Professor of Religious Studies and founder of the Iona Spirituality Institute, which she directs at Iona College, in New Rochelle, NY. A sister of the Congregation of Notre Dame, she lives her community’s spirit of Magnificat as a composer of sacred song and as artist in residence for Schola Ministries, a project in service to the liturgical and contemplative arts, which has produced a dozen collections of her CDs, most recently Praying with Thomas Merton: An Audio Book of Hours (2009). Her books include ChristSpirit: The Theology of the American Shakers, When the Trees Say Nothing: Thomas Merton’s Writings on Nature and Thomas Merton: A Book of Hours. Kathleen sits on the boards of the International Thomas Merton Society, the Giuliani Foundation for Religion and the Arts, and GreenFaith. (More about Deignan)

Dellinger width=Drew Dellinger, PhD (Cand.), spoken word poet, teacher, and activist—has been described by YES! magazine as an ‘important voice of the global justice movement, and by Joanna Macy as “a national treasure.” Dellinger is the founder of Poets for Global Justice and author of the book of poems, love letter to the milky way. Dellinger has studied cosmology with Thomas Berry since 1990, and has presented and performed across the U.S., addressing issues of cosmology, justice, ecology, and democracy. (More about Dellinger)

Ilia Delio, OSF is a Senior Research Fellow at Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University where she concentrates in the area of Science and Religion. She is the author of eleven books including Christ in Evolution, The Emergent Christ: Exploring the Meaning of Catholic in an Evolutionary Universe and Compassion: Living in the Spirit of Saint Francis. (More about Delio)

Diaz width=Susana Diaz, MD, Clinical Psychologist, Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist, and Master in Culture and Spirituality, is co-founder and coordinator of “Los Cerezos”: The Cherry Trees Center, for Ecology, Spirituality and Holistic Health. She has been committed for more than thirty years to marginalized people of her country, working with aboriginal communities and abused women and children of Argentina. She is also Capacitar International Advisor for her country working with PTSD victims. (More about Diaz)

Dody Donnelly, PhD, ThD, is a theologian and historian, and author of Team Works and Radical Love. She is a faculty member at the Fromm Institute of the University of San Francisco and the Graduate Theological Union.

DosseyLarry Dossey, MD, is a physician of internal medicine, the executive editor of the peer reviewed journal, Explore, and the author of ten books on spirituality, consciousness and health, including New York Times best seller, Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine, and the upcoming The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things. (More about Dossey)

DowdMichael Dowd, MA, is a gifted teacher, preacher, and evolutionary theologian. A leading voice in the Evolutionary Spirituality movement, Michael is the author of the 1991 book "EarthSpirit: A Handbook for Nurturing an Ecological Christianity", which was inspired by the writings of cultural historian Thomas Berry, physicist Brian Swimme, and deep ecologist Joanna Macy. (More about Dowd)

DunnStephen Dunn, CP, PhD, is the founder and former director of the Elliott Allen Institute for Theology & Ecology and continues directing the Centre for Ecology and Spirituality.  Before starting the Institute, he was a director at the Passionists' Holy Cross Retreat Centre in Port Burwell, Ontario Canada  In the late 1970s the retreat centre began giving annual colloquia featuring Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme in its commitment to bring religion and ecology into dialogue.  The net effect of this collaboration resulted in the momentum to make the faculty of theology at the University of St. Michael's College more responsive to the ecological crisis by initiating for an integrated approach around these issues in theological studies with the introduction of a specialist certificate in ecology and theology.  Steve recently retired from his full-time professor position at St. Michael's College in spring of 2002.

Dwyer, width=Michelle Dwyer, AA, is a teacher of Chinese healing art and martial arts. She is well known locally, nationally, and internationally for her modern teaching methods in using physical culture as a means for inner growth and transformation. She has written a book on Tai Chi Chuan and is a contributing author to martial arts magazines and anthologies.

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EatonHeather Eaton, PhD, Professor, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Studied Thomas Berry's functional cosmology in an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in ecology, feminism and theology from the University of St. Michael's College, Toronto School of Theology. Engaged in religious responses to the ecological crisis, particularly the relationship between ecology, feminism and social transformation. Committed to inter-religious responses to ecological crisis. Recent work focuses on evolution, Earth dynamics and religious imagination. Taught courses in these areas at St Michael's College, T.S.T.; Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University; and Saint Paul University. Involved in numerous conferences, workshops, teaching and publishing in these areas. Dr. Eaton is the co-founder of the Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology.

EdwardsJean Edwards, MA, a facilitator of the Transition Culture Movement and the Pachamama Alliance, earned her degrees at Occidental College, University of CA at Berkeley, CSU at Northridge, and the Sophia Center, at Holy Names College. She was a facilitator of Earth Literacy programs and the children's program at Genesis Farm after leaving a 25 year professional life in education, during which she developed a nature/Waldorf inspired kindergarten. In Blairstown, New Jersey she was the administrative coordinator for the Ridge & Valley Charter School which is based on the Story of the Universe and Earth Literacy principles. She created the initial structure for the emergent curriculum and facilitated the teacher training program. Her two self-published books are: Children Experiencing the Sacred, a two-week outdoor program for children 3-12 years; and Earth as Teacher, Providing a New Consciousness, a story of birthing the charter school. (More about Edwards)

EdwardsLarry Edwards, PhD, a facilitator of Transition Culture Movement and the Pachamama Alliance, earned his degree in chemical-physics from Harvard University. He taught/researched at the American University of Beirut (Lebanon), Cal State Northridge, and the California Institute of Technology before moving to the U.S. National Science Foundation. After 17 years of government service Larry finally realized the depth of today's crisis and left NSF to live and teach at Genesis Farm in Blairstown, NJ. He continues to teach there as well as at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Wisdom University (formerly the University of Creation Spirituality), and An Tairseach in Wicklow City, Ireland. (More about Edwards)

Dwyer, width=Riane Eisler, JD PhD, is an eminent social scientist, attorney, and author best known for her bestseller The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future, now in 23 foreign editions, including most European languages and Chinese, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Japanese, and Arabic. Her newest book, The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics – hailed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu as “a template for the better world we have been so urgently seeking,” by Peter Senge as “desperately needed,” by Gloria Steinem as “revolutionary,” and by Jane Goodall as “a call for action” – proposes a new approach to economics that gives visibility and value to the most essential human work: the work of caring for people and planet. (More about Eisler)

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