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Sophia Center for Culture and Spirituality - a wisdom center celebrating Earth, Art and Spirituality

Forums and Three-Day Intensives

The Sophia Center regularly invites from the community artists, activists, ritual makers, theologians, ecologists and other contemporary spiritual leaders to share their wisdom and bring fresh perspective to the students and faculty.

LOCATION: Sophia Center Classroom (at Chapel level, look for signs —
see the Visitors Map)
Holy Names University, 3500 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland, CA

ADMISSION (unless otherwise noted): $15 General, $12 Seniors & Students
R.S.V.P. 510-436-1046 or sophiactr@hnu.edu

Public Forums

Thursday, September 25 — 1:30- 4:00 PM

Integrating Body, Mind-Heart, and Spirit through Eastern Mysticism

  We are not just human beings but cosmological beings. As an outgrowth of the evolving universe, we carry the history and all the cosmological powers within us. In this forum, we explore how and what the universe speaks through our body, mind-heart, and spirit learning from Eastern Mysticism. The tools of yoga, meditation, prayer, rituals, and contemplation can help us experience the joy of deep connection with the cosmic forces in our body, mind-heart, and spirit. No prior experience required. Your open mind-heart is the key!

Hiroko SHIOTA, PhD—born and raised in Japan. PhD from California Institute of Integral Studies; dissertation on “Cosmogenesis, Shinto, Tantra: Embodying the new universe story.” Prior to her study Hiroko served humanity as priestess, teaching yoga and meditation and participating in community service projects in many parts of the world. Her interest is how to embody the compassion and love she cultivated through yoga and meditation in daily life and enhance the beauty and elegance of the universe in human form.

Thursday, October 16 — 1:30- 4:00 PM

Ecospirituality – Celebrating a Deeper Belonging

Our earth soul, ancient and planetary, is imbued with a deep knowing of the resonant affinity between our sentience and the sentience and sacred mystery of the wild earth. Our senses, minds, and bodies have developed within its rhythms. How can we “seed” an earth-embracing consciousness, deeply attuning to our intimate indwelling within the earth body? How can we enliven the intuitive embodied knowing of the shared sacredness of the human, nature, earth and cosmos? In this forum we will invite and give embodied symbolic expression to our earth soul through the non-verbal or poetic expressive modalities of the creative arts. Engaging in creative practices such as guided imagery, movement-in-depth, visual arts, toning and poetry we come face-to-face with the ancient part of our psyche and deepen our awareness of the alchemical reciprocity of soul and earth in the participatory intimacy of being. No prior art experience is necessary.

Sophia REINDERS, PhD, MFT, REAT— is a somatically oriented Jungian psychotherapist and a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist. She is the founding director of the WisdomBody Institute for Creative Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts and faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS in San Francisco. Sophia is a passionate explorer of the wild and sacred places within and without. For over 25 years she has accompanied clients on their journey through the landscapes of soul in the practice of psychotherapy. For more details about her work and her writing please see her website at http://www.wisdombody.com.

thursday, november 20 — 1:30- 4:00 PM

Humanity at the Threshold: Collective Crisis and Global Challenge

Every era in human history has been marked by unique challenges, crises and opportunities for growth. We are currently immersed in the throes of such a transitional time. Survivability, Sustainability and Solidarity are the penultimate issues and challenges of our time. These issues are personal, familial, communal, national, and global. They pervade all dimensions of our lives. What is our future destiny and fate in these our times and what potential influence do we have in bringing into being changes that are more life affirming, life-serving and life-giving? How do we help develop and create a clearer vision, common ground, good will, and shared purpose with others in responding to these challenges and conflicts? Where do we recover a sense of the Sacred Mystery and reverence for all Life amidst the noise and haste of our technological world? Where does the Center hold? We will be exploring these and many more questions together in this program.

Randy THOMAS—born in Oakland California, grew up in Concord and went to College at Humboldt State University in Arcata California. He has a lifelong interest in comparative religion, spirituality, transpersonal psychology, and has participated in several interfaith programs. He is drawn to the contemplative and mystical dimensions of spiritual life and has tried to put this into practical service through different social service positions. He has worked with folks who suffer with HIV/AIDS, mental illness, drug dependency, developmental disabilities and the homeless. He considers these people to be some of his best teachers in understanding the human condition.

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3-Day Intensives

October 30, 31, & November 3

Thursday 1:30 pm-4:00pm | Friday 9:30am-12:00pm | Monday 9:30am-12:00pm

Opening to the Sacred in the Age of Distraction

What we give our deepest attention to ultimately forms who we are, as individuals and as a species. This intensive explores accessing the inner landscape through stillness, sound, original music composition, and poetry. Participants will explore and reflect on their own unique ways of nurturing creative thought.

K Lauren de BOER, MA— is a composer, essayist, and poet with a special interest in human earth relations.



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