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Refund Policy

Students who drop courses/coursess may be entitled to a partial refund of their tuition. In order to be eligible for refund of tuition, the student must formally drop from class by completing a Schedule Change Form.

The amount of tuition that is refundable depends on the date the student formally drops from class. Intention to register deposits for new students
are not refundable. Students who withdraw from courses/courses after the refund period are fully responsible for payment for the courses/courses.

The tuition refund schedule for official drop/withdrawal is published in the Academic Calendar and follows the pattern below:

Semester Courses

  • Through Wednesday of 2nd week of classes - 100%
  • After Wednesday of 2nd week of classes through Wednesday of 3rd week - 50%
  • After Wednesday of 3rd week of classes - 0%

Accelerated Term Courses

  • Through 2nd week of classes - 100%
  • After 2nd week of classes - 0%


  • Fees are non-refundable
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