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heather french

Heather French
Dean of Student Development and Engagement
(510) 436-1294

andrea Melrose

Andrea Melrose
HNU Experience Coordinator

(510) 436-1290


Orientation Interns

Name: Destany “Princess Chocolate Drop” Charles
Class: Senior
Major: English and Communications
Minor: Sociology
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
“My favorite place on campus is the Public Market because it is a social hub of diversity on campus.  My favorite place in the bay area is C.R.E.A.M, also known as Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.  They make the best cookie sandwich I have ever tasted.”


Name: Mia Turner
Class: Senior
Major: Psychology
“Always keep a smile on your face, be friendly, and don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Remember to learn, laugh, and try new things!”


Name: Sydnee Leveston
Class: Senior
Major: Multimedia Arts & Communications
Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
“Get involved!  One of the best things about our smaller campus community is the ability to nurture our talents and skills through campus activity as well as build strong connections and close relationships with our peers.”

Name: Bryton Charles
Class: Transfer (Junior)
Major: Psychology
Minor: Philosophy
Hometown: Los  Angeles, CA
“My favorite place on campus is the public market and by the chapel.  You get to see an amazing view of the Bay, and a lot of activities and events happen in those areas.  I enjoy a lot of things off campus; I spend a lot of time roaming around Berkeley, Alameda, and San Francisco.  There’s a lot to in the area, so I suggest everyone who gets an opportunity to explore actually go explore and see what’s out there.”


Orientation Team

Name: Jamontae Robinson
Class: Sophomore
Major: Management/Accounting
Hometown: Oakland, CA
“Have fun and utilize the resources around you to maximize your college experience.  Embrace the transition and enjoy the journey.”

Jessica_MarinName: Jessica Marin
Class: Sophmore
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Azusa, CA
Always be open to trying new things. These four years of college is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and you do not want to leave with “what ifs”. Even though we are a small community, there is a lot to do around campus. Being involved with what HNU has to offer is the way to helping you make your first year of college fun and memorable.


Name: Claudia Conde
Class: Junior
Major: Crimonology
Minor: Psychology
Hometown: San Francisco
“Be open to new things and meeting new people; don’t be afraid of different opportunities; and most importantly, have FUN!”


Name: Dyese Atiba
Class: Sophomore
Major: Business (Marketing)
Hometown: Duarte, CA
“Be open to change, accept that you will make mistakes, learn from them, and have fun!”


Name: Stephanie Rankin
Class: Transfer (Junior )
Major: Psychobiology
Hometown: Forestville, CA
“Don't be afraid to ask for help. Being affected by a major change in your life is natural, there are many resources that can help you with this new transition. All you have to do is ask.”


Name: Will "Fresh Prince" Newsome
Class: Sophomore
Major: Communications Studies
Hometown: Richmond, CA
Advice for students: Be Yourself! Do the right things that are going to make your college experience the best four years, because this only a lifetime opportunity so don't waste it. Have Fun.

Raquel Ross

Name: Raquel 'Rocky' Ross
Class standing: Senior
Major: Business Management & Marketing
Hometown: Oakland, California
“Create your own path and encourage others to do the same.”


Name: Mario Hernandez
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Oakland, CA
“I like the church view and the library, but I don’t have a favorite place on campus.  It all depends on where to go on certain occasions.”

Derielle Coleman

Class Status: Junior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Advice for New Students: "My favorite part of HNU is the close-knit family environment that we have. The staff and students are awesome and make HNU a comfortable, nurturing environment for success."

Jacqueline Reyes

Jacqueline Reyes

Class Status: Junior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Richmond, CA

Advice for New Students: "My favorite thing about HNU is the interaction between the professor and the students. This is a friendly community where you can be yourself. As a freshman when I came I barely knew anyone and people here gave me a warm welcome and from there I started engaging myself in activities and clubs with them."

Maria Fernada-Cuevas

Maria Fernada-Cuevas

Class Status: Senior

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Clovis, CA

Advice for New Students:
"Be open- minded and lose fear of participating. One of the first things I did in Holy Names was go out to Oakland Catholic Worker. It was a service project which I enjoyed very much! I have continued to visit and volunteer to feed homeless numerous times throughout these two years and I plan to continue. It is one of the reasons I love having the opportunity to come to HNU so I encourage you to get involved because you never know what you might enjoy."

Cordelia_Boyce Cordelia Boyce

Hometown:  Morro Bay, CA
Major: Nursing
Advice for new students: “Be yourself, don't put yourself in uncomfortable situations that don't feel right, do what is fun and feels right. Also, if you're from the area or you've lived here your whole life, get out and explore! Do something new make memories because all of this goes by in an instant.”


Abi Lirio
Hometown: Hayward, CA
Major: Biological Science             
Advice for new students: My suggestion for first year students is to be OPEN-MINDED, have FUN, and make WISE choices. Don’t procrastinate and DO your homework the day of. Enjoy every moment and always have a positive attitude! Your hard work will pay off in the long run. 


Nina Hall
Hometown: San Mateo, CA
Year in School: Sophomore
Advice for new students: “Don’t wait to get involved.  Attend all of Orientation and start making connections!”


Vanessa Nunez
Hometown: Tracy, CA
Year in School: Sophomore
Advice for new students: “Take time for yourself.  You can get so busy that you forget to slow down and enjoy college!"



Jana’e Proctor
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Year in school: Sophomore
Advice for new students: “Ask for help as soon as you think you might need it!  There are so many people available on campus to help you---faculty, staff and other students!”


Savanna Seltzer
Hometown: Desert Hot Springs, CA
Year in school: Sophomore
Advice for new students: “Break out of your comfort bubble and try new things.  That’s how you learn.”


Vernisha Williams
Hometown: Richmond, CA
Year in school: Senior
Major: Psychology
Advice for new students: Facebook can be your friend…or your enemy.



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