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Policy on the Posting of Publicity & Announcements on Campus

Updated Fall 2014

This policy (click here to download a copy) applies to posting approved publicity and announcements in all non-virtual areas of the HNU campus including sidewalks, bulletin boards and kiosks, etc. The following policies govern the posting of printed material on campus by students and/or individuals not associated with HNU:

All postings must be approved by one of the following offices:

  • Student Affairs (Student Success Center Front Desk; Office of the Vice President, Brennan Hall)
  • Campus Life (Campus Life Front Desk, Durocher Hall)
  • Campus Services (Feehan Hall)

However, the following exceptions apply:

  • Materials to be posted in the library must be approved by the library
  • Materials to be posted on bulletin boards of a particular office (e.g., Admissions, Athletics, Public Relations) or academic department must be approved by the appropriate office manager or department chair
  • Approval must be obtained through Campus Life for postings in the residence halls

Authorization of postings:

  • Authorization involves a review of the content of the item to be posted to ensure that it is informative/educational and in accordance with HNU values free of offensive language, offensive art work, references to alcohol, and/or references to illegal substances
  • Authorization includes instructions on where the item may be posted and the length of time that the item may be posted
  • Authorization involves a stamp of approval that includes the date when the item will be posted and the date when the item must be removed (3 days after the date specified on the event posting) by the sponsoring group or individual
  • Whenever possible, original materials should be brought for approval before making multiple copies

Guidelines for postings:

  • Content should be informative/educational and in accordance with HNU values
  • Items may not include offensive language, offensive art work, references to alcohol, and/or references to illegal substances
  • Groups/Individuals are responsible for removing their posting by the date specified by authorized staff
  • Posting on doors is not permitted. The only exception is for special or emergency all-campus announcements (e.g. University closures, holiday office hours)
  • Clear tape must be used when posting items on interior surfaces of window panels
  • Blue tape must be used when posting items on painted surfaces
  • Tacks must be used on bulletin boards
  • Masking tape must be used on wood

Guidelines for student publications and media:

  • Content should be informative/educational and in accordance with HNU values
  • Students shall be governed by the canons of responsible journalism, such as the avoidance of libel, indecency, undocumented allegations, attacks on personal integrity, and the techniques of harassment and innuendo
  • All university published and/or financed student publications should explicitly state on the editorial page that the opinions there expressed are not necessarily those of the university or the student body
  • The student press shall be free of censorship and advance approval of copy. Editors shall be free to develop their own editorial policies and news coverage
  • Editors shall be protected from arbitrary suspension and removal because of student, faculty, staff, administrative or public disapproval and editorial policy or content. Only for proper and stated causes shall editors be subject to removal and then by orderly and prescribed procedures and by that proper agency responsible for their appointment

Postings not permitted:

  • Credit card solicitations and/or postings
  • Tobacco advertising/postings
  • Alcohol advertising/postings
  • Posting on trees or other plants
  • Using nails or glue on any surface to post items
  • No items may be posted on exterior building surfaces, including doors. ***Banners and bunting may be hung by Campus Services staff with the approval of the Director of Public Relations

Any materials posted in non-approved areas or not in accordance with the posting policy are subject to removal at any time. Possible sanctions for groups or organizations found in violation of this policy include the suspension of posting privileges.

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

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