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Meal Plans

  • Three meal plans are available and are part of the room and board contract:
    1. 10 Meals
    2. 14 Meals
    3. 19 Meals
  • The 19 meal plan offers breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays, and brunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays when the university is in session.
  • Students who opt for the 10 or 14 meal plans may choose their contracted number of meals from any of the meals times offered during the week (i.e., students are limited in number of meals served each week, not particular meals).
  • Prorated Charges: In the event that a student wishes to move off campus prior to the 2 week deadline for meal plan changes and end both their meal plan and housing contract. A prorated charge will be placed on their student account [including all fines as a result of breaking the contract(s)] reflecting the value of the meal plan to the date a student checks out of their room. Students wishing to move off campus and break the housing and meal plan contract after the 2 week deadline will not be granted a prorated charge for their meal plan and prorated charges for housing may only be available up to the date provided in the housing contract. In situations where a student needs to leave the institution (for reasons other than discipline) after the 2 week deadline, charges will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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  • Meal Exchange Program
    Offered through Rosie's Cafe, which is located in Brennan Hall. Students who would rather eat a meal in the cafe are welcome do so as part of their meal plan. Meals in the Public Market are "all-you-can-eat" while meals offered through the exchange program are set portions.
  • For more information, please contact Campus Dining at: (510) 436-1050.
  • Additional Information, Policies, Terms and Conditions

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  • Changing meal plans
    Students may request a meal plan change during the first 2 weeks of every term. Meal Plan Change Forms are available at the Front Desk in the residence hall and in the Residence Life Office, or click here.
  • In some cases (e.g., dietary or religious reasons), students need to be exempt from the meal plan. For information about exemptions click here.

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Additional Information, Policies, Terms and Conditions

  • Holy Names University requires students living in the residence halls to maintain a food services contract. Campus Dining Services provides various meal plans for students during the Fall and Spring academic terms.
  • Meals are non-refundable. They will not be carried over from week to week.
  • Students may add money to declining balances at any time through the Campus Dining Office.
  • Three daily meals are provided Monday through Friday. Two daily meals are provided on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Every meal is all-you-can-eat except those meals offered through the meal exchange program.
  • Meal plans are not offered during the Summer Session or break periods (i.e. Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks).

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