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Getting Involved on Campus

There are so many reasons to get involved on campus, and so many ways in which to do it! In addition to building leadership skills and lasting friendships, campus involvement can open doors to new opportunities both now and in the future.

With over 17 student clubs and organizations on campus, there is always something exciting happening. There is also the opportunity to become a member of ASHNU, the Associated Students of Holy Names University, or to volunteer with the Center for Social Justice and Civic Engagement. Additionally, Campus Ministry hosts activities and prgrams for students of all faiths and backgrounds. Becoming a Peer Mentor or a part of the Orientation Team, in addition to other student employment openings, can also positively impact your time at HNU. All of these prospects focus on student leadership and exist for you, the student!

Campus involvement offers HNU students chances to explore interests, develop skills and new passions, gain leadership experience, improve communication and organizational abilities, and build an appreciation for the diverse community in which we live.

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