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Religious Education Congress

Each year a group of students and advisors travel to Anaheim, California, for the annual Religious Education Congress, sponsored by the Office of Religious Education at the Los Angeles Archdiocese. The RE Congress is the largest annual catechetical and liturgical gathering in the world (for more information: http://www.recongress.org/), drawing over 40,000 participants. The annual, four-day event offers more than 300 workshops by internationally acclaimed authors and speakers. The workshops cover a vast range of topics and interests, from spirituality and personal development to biblical studies, theology, and social justice. In addition to the workshops, Congress also offers multicultural liturgies, praise and prayer experiences, concerts, exhibits, and resources for fostering faith-based leadership and service.

Thanks to the Sisters of the Holy Names and The Lowell Berry Foundation, I have been able to attend the Religious Education Congress three times now, and I can honestly say it gets better every year. The speakers and workshops helped me grow spiritually, and I learn so much more about my faith. The Congress was an experience that I will never forget and will continue to use the information I learned there throughout my life.
- Valerie Alto, Junior, Biological Sciences Major

Liturgy with Jesse Manibusan

The Religious Education Congress was an awesome experience! I was raised Catholic and chose to attend Holy Names to maintain my religious background/life. When the opportunity came up to attend this conference I jumped on it. This experience has been AMAZING. I learned so much during this weekend, most information that takes people a lifetime to learn and experience. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about all the different workshops and the information was priceless, you cannot take away the amazing feeling that the weekend leaves with you... I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this conference to ANY and ALL who are religious in any way! I cannot wait for next year's conference, all the information and memories that are to come!"
- Sharlay Murdock, Senior, Biological Sciences Major

The RE Congress was one of the best experiences so far in my life. I learned so much, especially from Fr. Tony. It was great being around so many people that shared the same passion that I have with being a Catholic. I hope to return again next year. I believe that the Congress gave me experience in life that I will cherish forever and will use throughout my whole life time.
- Mark Salvacruz, Sophomore

Workshop with Fr. Tony Richard

Attending LA Congress was a wonderful experience. It is one of those trips where you cannot give it justice putting it into words. However, this trip came at a great time to be around lots of other young adults who are striving to grow in their Catholic faith. It was also a fabulous way to build fellowship within our HNU community.
-Jennifer Perkins-Adult Advisor, Enrollment Counselor, Graduate Student in Education, and Asst. Volleyball Coach

RE Congress was an amazing experience for me. It brought me closer to the issues that face our society. Father Greg Boyle's workshop in particular showed me how one person could impact a community. In 1992, Homeboy Industries was created to give the opportunity for gang members to leave their destructive pasts behind and create a new life. His lecture was truly inspirational. I also enjoyed listening to the experiences of the other students and how this event made a positive impact in their life. I would highly recommend this educational experience to anyone who wants to further their faith.
-Ken Atcheson, Nursing Student

I didnít know exactly what I was getting myself into: Iíve never heard of LA Congress and I didnít know what we were going to do. First of all, going to LA congress would give me the benefit of being on my first roadtrip ever. More importantly, LA Congress was probably one of the greatest experiences I've had during my first year of college. Not only was it fun because we got to go to Disneyland, but the workshops that I attended were really educational and it brought me awareness in our community today as well as my relationship with God. I loved how there were such diverse people and how one speaker could turn your thinking around. To add to that, being together with the group was such an awesome time to get tot know more about each other and tell each other our life experiences.
-Kathleen Dalere Freshman, Nursing Student

Students having fun at Disneyland, in handmade HNU Tshirts

It was wonderful to see our HNU students experience the richness of our faith by attending workshops, multicultural liturgies, and young adult events with other students from Catholic Colleges and Universities. I would recommend the LA Religious Education Congress to any HNU student who wants to grow and become more involved as leaders in their faith.
-Robert Lopez , Adult Advisor, Sophia Program Grad Student

Taking time out between workshops for contemplation while walking the labyrinth

I cannot even begin to put in to words how God touched my heart during the weekend of LA Congress. I was so moved by the young people and how on fire they were for God. It made me want to grow even deeper in my faith.
-Tiffany Ho, Adult Advisor, Enrollment Counselor, and Grad Student in Education

Students meeting Tutwiler Quilters at one of the exhibits, familiar faces from HNUís Alternative Spring Break in Tutwiler, Mississippi

People at the Anaheim Convention Center, checking out multicultural exhibits on the way to their workshops.


Young Adult Mass

What I liked most about the Congress was the opportunity to hear a wide range of Catholic voices. From the real life, in the trenches experience of Greg Boyle, to the nuts and bolts workshop of negotiating the difficult terrain of "forgiveness," to the inculturated Indonesian Mass, to the patristic-esque practical mysticism of Richard Rohr; there was sustenance offered for every intellectual and spiritual hunger. The HNU group in itself was a blessing, as the participants were sincere and good natured people who seemed to genuinely revel in the opportunities available while developing a casual, intimate, and honest fellowship. -Daniel Moceri, JST Intern at HNU