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What are your gifts and talents? How, where, and with whom are you being called to share your gifts? What will sustain you on your journey?

Campus Ministry is a collaborative effort that encourages a community to discern, develop, nurture, and share their individual and collective gifts and talents in the service of others.  Essential components of Campus Ministry include (1) Worship (2) Peer Ministry (3) Service, Justice, and Peace, and (4) Interfaith Ministries. 

The Worship Team is primarily responsible for planning, participating, inviting, and supporting the community in campus liturgies, and other forms of prayer, worship, and ritual, including faith-sharing other small-group gatherings.

The Peer Ministry Team helps to create an atmosphere of welcome and hospitality for students who drop into the Campus Ministry Center (Founder’s Hall, behind the Chapel) and bring this spirit to all other areas of the HNU campus and beyond.  In addition, Peer Ministers are involved in inviting and welcoming HNU students, faculty, and staff to Campus Ministry related programs, events, and liturgies, and in fostering an ongoing community of acceptance for all at HNU.  Peer Ministers also help to organize Campus Ministry sponsored socials and other community-building events as well as to collaborate with other constituencies when appropriate.  They also help in planning and leading selected retreats, prayer and faith-sharing groups, and other small-community gatherings.   

The Service, Justice, and Peace Team collaborates with appropriate constituencies, such as The Center for Social Justice and Civic Engagement, in supporting and providing a variety of service and justice opportunities and grounds local service, service immersions, and activism in a model of education (of self and others), reflection (before and after the service experience), and action. 

The Interfaith Team, which is comprised of students, staff, and faculty, meets on a monthly basis to discuss pertinent topics and themes, as well as to coordinate at least one campus-wide interfaith event per semester.

We provide training and other resources for those who are involved in student ministries, including Gifts Discernment workshops. Students may also earn up to 3 units, toward the general education requirement in Religious Studies or for RLST majors. Course may be repeated for credit (additional opportunities for Independent Study)