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Experienced professional and administrative staff oversee the residence life program at Holy Names University. They are assisted by resident assistants (RA’s) - upper-class students who are exceptional student leaders. RA's live in the residence halls with their classmates, attend to various day-to-day activities in the living areas, and facilitate educational activities. Several RA's are involved with learning communities and are extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to succeed in college and at HNU. Get to know the resident assistants, they are here to support you! Want to learn how to become a Resident Assistant? Click Here!


Justin Vacca
Director of Housing and Residence Life
and Coordinator for Housing & Residence Life

Year: 7+ Years Experience
Major: Adult Higher Education
Birthday: September 4
Hometown: Livonia, MI
Other Other Engagements: ACPA
Contact: Vacca@hnu.edu


Xiomara Guillen
Administrative Assistant for Campus Life

Experience: 8+ years; 5th year @ HNU
BA: HNU, in progress
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: Guillen@hnu.edu; (510) 436-1580


Libby Hogan
Graduate Assistant, Residence Life

Year: 2nd-Year Grad Student
Major: MBA (Management and Leadership)
Birthday: May 23
Hometown: Alta Loma, CA
Other Other Engagements: Experiential Learning Program (ELP)
Contact: hogan@hnu.edu


Leo Gonzalez
RA, Durocher B-Level

Year: Senior
Major: Business Management/Marketing
Birthday: May 27
Hometown: Livermore, CA
Other Other Engagements: Men's Cross Country Team, Latinos Unidos Club
Contact: Leonardo_gonzalez@my.hnu.edu

Janisa Quinones

Janisa Quinones
RA, Durocher B-Level

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Birthday: April 10
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Other Other Engagements: Peer Mentor
Contact: janisa_quinones@my.hnu.edu

Kayla Kaleiohi
RA, Durocher C- Level

Year: Junior
Major: Multimedia Arts and Communication
Birthday: February 26
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Other Other Engagements: Women's Soccer Team, Pacific Islanders Club
Contact: Kayla_kaleiohi@my.hnu.edu


Bonnie Brazee
RA, Durocher D Level:

Year: Senior
Major: Sports Biology
Birthday: May 11
Hometown: Bonsall, CA
Contact: bonnie_brazee@my.hnu.edu


Hernan Parada
RA, Durocher D Level:

Year: Junior
Major: Business Management
Birthday: July 8
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Other Engagements: Men’s Soccer Team
Contact: Hernan_parada@my.hnu.edu


April Aggacid
RA, Dunn 2nd Floor

Year: Junior
Major: Criminology
Birthday: April 4
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Other Engagements: Pacific Islanders Club, Latinos Unidos Club
Contact: april_aggacid@my.hnu.edu

Brandon Marzan

Brandon Marzan
RA, Dunn 3nd Floor

Year: Junior
Major: International Relations
Birthday: June 3
Hometown: Ewa Beach, HI
Other Engagements: Pacific Islanders Club, Model United Nations
Contact: brandon_marzan@my.hnu.edu


Aly Lugo
RA, Dunn 4th Floor

Year: Junior
Major: Liberal Studies
Birthday: June 20
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Other Engagements: Women’s Cross Country Team, PIC member, Latinos
Contact: alejandra_lugo@my.hnu.edu

Tierney Burris

Tierney Burris
RA, Dunn 5th Floor

Year: Junior
Major: English and Multimedia Arts/Communication
Birthday: October 5
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Other Engagements: President of ASHNU, Drama Club, Black Student Union, Pacific Islanders Club
Contact: tierney_burris@my.hnu.edu


Misty Martinez
RA, Feehan D-Level

Year: Junior
Major: English/Communications
Birthday: January 18
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Other Engagements: ALIVE club, Campus Ministry
Contact: misty_martinez@my.hnu.edu


Kristine Hayes
RA, Feehan E-Level

Year: Junior
Major: International Relations
Birthday: June 17
Hometown: The Bay Area, CA
Other Engagements: HNU College Mentor, Peace and Justice Club, Model United Nations
Contact: kristine_hayes@my.hnu.edu


Christina Hough
Founders Hall

Year: 1st-Year Grad Student
Major: Master's of Education (Urban Education)
Birthday: February 4
Hometown: The Bay Area, CA
Other Engagements: Peer Mentor, Relay for Life Chair
Contact: christina_hough@my.hnu.edu


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