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Rosie's Cafe

Rosies Cafe

Rosie's Cafe, Located in
Brennan Hall

About Rosie's Cafe

Established in August 2009, Rosie's Cafe is named after Sr. M. Rose Emmanuella Brennan.

Rosie's Cafe serves an array or sandwiches, pastries, and drinks. A meal exchange program is available for anyone with a dining plan.

Ordering for Faculty and Staff (Click here to order)

To the Faculty and Staff of HNU,

Epicurean is delighted to bring you Rosie’s Cafe in Brennan Hall.  Come by for a snack or a rejuvenating espresso. We have savory tostada bowls, taco’s, fabulous panini’s, and tasty snacks that are sure to please your palate. 

We know that hard working faculty or staff members like you do not have much time for lunch. We would like to make getting a bite to eat or a delicious snack much easier.

We have created an online pre-order system to accommodate your busy schedule (Click here to order).

Please fill out our lunch order, include your name and press the send button. Your order will be ready 30 minutes after you send. With just one click, we are creating your lunch to suit your busy day.



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