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ASHNU Positions and Responsibilities

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ASHNU Executive Board:

The ASHNU Executive Board will consist of Student Body President, Vice President, Financial Director, Communications Director, Student Life/Events Coordinator. This Executive Board will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of ASHNU. The Student Body President will be directly responsible to the ASHNU Advisor and the Executive Board. All other positions will be directly responsible to each other.

ASHNU Executive Board General Duties:

  1. Hold weekly office hours in the ASHNU office
  2. Oversee the class representative’s registration processes
  3. Facilitate forums in which the students have the opportunity to voice their concerns directly to the administration
  4. Maintain the ASHNU and with monthly updates and assist the club and class representatives with maintenance of their bulletin boards.

Student Body President:

This person acts as the primary representative of the student body on all issues pertinent to student life. This person is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Executive Board. This person will be a non-voting member of the Executive Board (except in the case of a tie). This person shall be responsible for facilitating the ASHNU Executive Board meetings. S/he will share information between students and the administration.

Student Body President General Duties:

  1. Faithfully execute the constitution and the laws contained within this document
  2. Serve as President of ASHNU and be its official representative
  3. Act as “MC” during all ASHNU sponsored student forums
  4. Speak at events (Orientation, Convocation etc.) as a representative of ASHNU and the student body as a whole
  5. Swiftly and quickly relay information received to and from the students and the administration
  6. Attend and represent the student body at all administrative and faculty meetings (if unable to must delegate someone from the Executive Board to attend) such as meetings for: Board of Trustees, University President and VPs, Alumni Board, etc.
  7. Be the Chair over the Executive Board and Class Council
  8. Request times for all class meetings; keep a log of their minutes on file
  9. Keep class representatives updated on their financial status. Assure that funds are requested and used appropriately
  10. Oversee the execution of all class events. This entails approval of class events and approval of class expenditures.
  11. Report all class representative information to the Executive Board.
  12. Have the power to introduce legislation.
  13. Have the power to approve and veto legislation passed by the ASHNU. If the Student Body President fails to approve or veto legislation within ten days of its passage, said legislation is automatically passed.
  14. Hold an all-campus ASHNU forum to let student voice their concerns.
  15. Empowered to make appointments along with the Executive Board.
  16. Have such other powers as are necessary for the fulfillment of the duties of his/her office that are consistent with other provisions of this constitution.
  17. Shall work at least 10 hours per week with at least two of those hours spent in the ASHNU office.
  18. The President is responsible for the creation of committees to handle certain issues (security, facility issues, food service, etc.). These committees may consist of members of the student body but must be headed by the student body President or her/his designee. All committees must report to the Executive Board.

Vice President:

This person will be in charge of directing and instructing all elections and Class Representatives. This person shall also be a liason for all the clubs, classes and organizations at executive and administrative board meetings and before the student body. S/he will be directly responsible for all the fiscal and organizational processes for these entities and their events.

Vice President General Duties:

  1. S/he is responsible for overseeing the ASHNU elections each year
  2. Oversee the execution of all clubs funding. This entails approval of Club expenditures
  3. Report all club representative information to the Executive Board
  4. Oversee the ASHNU elections and sit on an electoral committee
  5. Work in the ASHNU office at least once a week for two hours

Communications/Publicity Coordinator:

This person is responsible for creating an agenda for each ASHNU meeting and taking minutes in all ASHNU meetings. Also responsible for retaining all files and records for the ASHNU Council. S/he is the primary public relations representative for the ASHNU Council and is responsible for the publicity and/or delegation of publicity for all ASHNU events.

Communications/Publicity General Duties:

  1. Creating an agenda for all Executive Board meetings
  2. Taking the minutes at all ASHNU Executive Board meetings and presenting them to the members at each meeting
  3. Maintain records and files for ASHNU
  4. Oversee the master calendar of ASHNU events
  5. Publicize all ASHNU events on and off campus

Financial/Budget Coordinator:

This person is responsible for the day-to-day financial operations of the ASHNU Council. This person will serve as the chief financial officer of the Council. S/he will ensure that proper records are kept for all ASHNU funds and that the council is kept updated. S/he will update ASHNU on a regular basis regarding the budget.

Financial/Budget Coordinator General Duties:

  1. Equitable and efficient use of ASHNU Council finances
  2. Giving weekly budget reports to the Executive Board
  3. Monitor and processing of all Club/Class financial transactions
  4. Holding meetings with individual clubs and classes to supervise their fundraisers
  5. Providing the advisor with a monthly budget update

Student Life/Events Coordinator:

This person is responsible to the President in being a representative of the entire traditional undergraduate, WECO, and graduate classes, and the commuter board. This person will also oversee all events put on through ASHNU. They will create their own activities board which helps in planning the ASHNU events.

Student Life/Events Coordinator General Duties:

  1. The Student Life/Events Coordinator is responsible to the President in being a representative of the entire traditional undergraduate, WECO, and graduate classes, and the commuter board
  2. Shall work at least ten hours per week, two of which must be spent as office hours
  3. Shall make a list of all events to be held through out the year and share it with the ASHNU Executive Board in early October
  4. S/he should form a committee to help plan all events for students

Commuter Student Coordinator:

This person will represent all the needs of the commuter students on ASHNU.

Commuter Student Coordinator General Duties:

  1. Shall work at least ten hours per week, two of which must be spent as office hours
  2. Shall make a list of all commuter concerns and help make them feel at home at HNU
  3. Hold special events for commuter students in conjunction with the Student Life/Event Coordinator


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