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“For over 100 years students in Student Government Associations have been at the forefront for leadership and change at colleges and universities all across the county. You are no exception to this tradition. Your responsibility in student government is to serve the student body. You will be making important decisions on behalf of your fellow students by promoting quality programs and policies to make their time at college more successful and enjoyable.”

ASHNU Executive Board

Kathrine Hayes
Student Body President

My name is Kathrine Hayes and I am your ASHNU Student Body President for the 2013-2014 school year. I am a proud Bay Area Native, and love the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants. I want be a diplomat for the U.S. Department of State and do some amazing things in the world. However, my long term goal and ultimate dream job is to be a University Professor and get my PhD. I am currently majoring in International Relations and Latin American/Latino Studies. I love good movies, drawing, and the Spanish language. The best part about HNU is the amazing people you meet here. The friends you make here can become your mentors and some of the people that inspire you the most. This small community ultimately cares for each other and has a lot to offer with ideas and problem solving.

Tierney Burris
Vice President
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Year: Senior
Major: English and Multimedia Arts & Communications
Future Career: Screenwriter and Actress
Best part about HNU: The view from the Chapel, and the family atmosphere that is created between the students and staff members.

Bryson-Joey Morn
Communications/Publicity Coordinator
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Year: Junior
Major: Liberal Studies
Minor: Music
Best part about HNU: One thing i enjoy most about HNU is being involved in many different clubs and organizations on campus. It allows me to meet a lot of different people and help my peers in different ways.

Victor Byers
Financial/Budget Coordinator

I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. I went to Spanish Springs High School. I am majoring in Biology here at Holy Names University and play on the Men's Soccer team. After Holy Names I am going to go to medical school to pursue a career as a surgeon. I am a Junior and I am the ASHNU Budget and Financial Coordinator. One of the things I enjoy most about HNU is the atmosphere, everyone is very friendly and always willing to help each other.

Kristine Hayes
Senior Class President

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and love it here! I still ask myself what I want to be when I grow up and am not quite sure since it constantly changes. As for after college plans, I hope to work at Google and possibly teach English abroad! What I enjoy most about HNU are the wonderful people I meet! They have all impacted my life in great ways and have taught me so much. They each have influenced my character and mentored me to be successful through college and beyond.

Michelle Joya
Michelle Joya Senior Class Vice President

I was born and raised in San Francisco, but currently residing in Daly City. I went to Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) where I was introduced to Holy Names University. I am currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. This will be my last semester as an undergraduate but I plan to continue pursing my graduate studies at HNU in their Forensic Psychology program. I would say the best part of HNU is the people I have met, from professors to staff to students. Everyone is so different that you learn so much from them and they motivate you to be the best person you can be. When I leave HNU, I will take with me all the great experiences that have helped me discover who I am and where I want to go. My plans after Holy Names University is to pursuit a career in Juvenile Probation or the courts of San Francisco.

Jamelani Zulueta
Sophomore Class President
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Year: Sophomore
Major: Sports Biology
Best part about HNU: What I like about HNU is you get to know everybody
Something cool about me: I play on the women’s volleyball team and a part of the pacific islanders club

Jedidah Hanakahi
Sophomore Class Vice President
Hometown: Waianae, HI
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Management
Future career: Business owner
Best part about HNU: Getting to know people from around the world


Kristine Mae Casipe
Student Life/Events Coordinator

My name is Kristine Mae Casipe although I am known as "Teeny" by my peers. I will be the Student Life Events Coordinator for the 2013-2014 school year. I was born in San Francisco and raised in Daly City, CA, so of course I have love for the Bay Area! I am currently pursing my B.A. in Multimedia Arts and Communications Studies here at Holy Names and I hope to work in either Social Media or Radio in the future. One of the things I love about this school is the diverse community I'm surrounded by.

Ashley Mulder

Ashley Mulder
Commuter Student Coordinator

Ashley Mulder is a senior at Holy Names University, where she has been attending for all four years. Originally from Walnut Creek, and now living in Oakland, she is the ASHNU Commuter Representative. Her favorite thing about Holy Names is her relationships with her professors, as well as the students she has gotten to know over the past few years. After college, she is debating in participating in the Peace Corps and then going on to graduate school.

Cecilia Gonzalez

Cecilia Gonzalez
Junior Class President

My name is Cecilia Gonzalez from Livermore, CA. I am a junior majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Mathematics. My position on ASHNU is the Junior Class President. The best part about HNU is all the wonderful people here! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

Sydnee Leveston

Sydnee Leveston
Junior Class Vice President

Hi! My name is Sydnee Leveston and I am the Junior Class Vice President. I’m a Multimedia Arts and Communications Major and would love to one day go in to Media Production and/or Management. I’m from Moreno Valley located in SoCal and am loving my transition to the Bay Area! The best part about HNU is its location of course, and the fact that it is the most diverse University in the nation. The community of people here is absolutely amazing and I love that am a part of it!

Savanna Seltzer

Savanna Seltzer
Freshman Class President

My name is Savanna Seltzer. I was born and raised in Desert Hot Springs, California. I hope to graduate in 2017, with two degrees, business management and business marketing, also with a minor in psychology. I would like to build a career in business, hopefully ending up as a director or manager within a big company. I am very pleased to be ASHNU's Freshmen Vice President this year. I love HNU, because I get to work with all its amazing people! Thank you.

Dyese Atiba

Dyese Atiba
Freshman Class Vice President

Hi my name is Dyese Atiba and I'm from a town called Duarte in Southern California. I am a freshman and I am the Class Vice-President. I am currently studying Business Marketing and Environmental Studies. So far as a career, I am thinking about becoming an Environmental Consultant for a corporation. The best part of HNU has been the size of the classes. It is definitely a benefit that none of classes are bigger than around twenty students. I am able to build relationships with my professors and expand my knowledge alongside my peers.



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