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Connections Project 2009

Turning Education into Action

Each year, the Connections Project First Year Experience Program examines a particular theme which is incorporated into programming, workshops and community dialogue throughout the year. This year’s theme “Turning Education into Action” is intended to engage the students, faculty and staff in thinking about how each of us, no matter what our experience or perspective, can provide hope for positive change in our world. Programming, workshops, class field trips, and service projects will give all us the opportunity to consider this theme.

Our campus common reading this year, in keeping with this theme, is “The Impossible will Take a Little While: A Citizens Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear” Edited by Paul Loeb

About the Connections Project

What is the HNU Experience? What makes it unique?  It’s about: Diversity, Community, Commitment to Service and Social Justice, Family, and CONNECTION.

The goal of the Connections Project is to create a unique Holy Names experience for our students that fosters connections between in class and out of class learning; provides opportunities for putting the ideas learned in the classroom to work in the “real world” through community engagement, internships, service and leadership opportunities; and addresses the specific needs of students in a given class year through programming, advising and peer interaction.

About the First Year Experience

The Connections Project First Year Experience Program is about connecting incoming students not only to the college experience but also to the university, local and global community. It’s about using these connections to facilitate students’ development as successful learners and competent citizens. The program name describes not only the linkages that students will build with each other, but also the connections that they will establish with faculty, staff and the greater Bay Area community. A primary goal of the program is to provide incoming first year students with the tools they need to not only successfully transition to college but to become leaders and agents for positive change in our community.

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