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Experiential Learning Program (ELP)

Graduate assistant

The Experiential Learning Program (ELP) is designed for students pursuing graduate studies at HNU to apply classroom learning to a real world setting. For full consideration, a student must have been accepted to graduate studies at HNU. A separate application from the graduate application is required for the Experiential Learning Program. Please see below for a list of opportunities and vacancies.


  • Open, Assistant Coach, Soccer (W)
  • Brittany North, Assistant Coach, Soccer (W)
  • Petar Triva, Assistant Coach, Soccer (M)
  • Dragan Hinic, Assistant Coach, Soccer (M)
  • Open, Assistant Coach, Volleyball (M)
  • Cheyene Hambey, Assistant Coach, Volleyball (W)
  • Michelle Meyers, Assistant Coach, Volleyball (W)
  • Patrick Coffey, Assistant Coach, Basketball (W)
  • Danika Machado-Potestio, Assistant Coach, Basketball (W)
  • Jamie Jackson, Assistant Coach, Basketball (M)
  • Open, Assistant Coach, Basketball (M)
  • Nick Shea, Assistant Coach, X-Country (M)
  • Harlen Lopez, Assistant Coach, X-Country (W)
  • Fabian Lopez, Athletics Assistant
  • Erika Reed, Athletics Assistant
  • Iam Collins, Athletics Assistant
  • Christina Hough, Residence Life Assistant
  • Joshua Redden, Campus Activities Assistant
  • Maribel Lopez, Center for Social Justice & Civic Engagement Assistant
  • Katelyn Heinrich, Assistant Coach, Softball
  • Kaitlyn Stutz, Assistant Coach, Softball
  • Open, Assistant Coach, Golf
  • Benjamin Liepman, Assistant Coach, Baseball
  • Adam Koontz, Assistant Coach, Baseball
  • Trina Slapeka, Assistant Coach, Women's Tennis
  • Open, Assistant Coach, Men's Tennis
  • Samuel Lee, Campus Ministry Assistant


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New or First Time Applicants

Confirm that a position is open: Available positions will be posted on the Experiential Learning and Human Resources pages on the HNU web site.
Apply to the graduate program: HNU offers graduate programs in Business, Counseling Psychology, Culture and Spirituality, Education, English, Music and Nursing. For graduate students to be eligible for the Experiential Learning Program (ELP), they must be admitted to and making satisfactory progress in a graduate program.

Apply to the ELP program:

  • Submit to Human Resources a letter of interest (LOI) that explains your educational and career interests as well as your reason for applying to the Experiential Learning Program (ELP). This letter should clearly identify the position(s) in the program that you would like to pursue.
  • Include a professional resume.
  • Provide the names and contact information of three references who can speak to your ability to pursue graduate studies and/or your competencies for meeting the responsibilities of a GA position.


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Current or Continuing Students

By May 10 of each year, supervisors will conduct an evaluation of each Graduate Assistant.
By May 15th of each year, each graduate student in the program must provide to their supervisor and to the Director of the Experiential Learning Program, written notice of their interest to return.
Position appointments will be made by July 1st. Students wishing to renew current appointments will be considered depending on progress made, as defined by the evaluation process.


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Graduate students participating in the Experiential Learning Program (ELP) will work on average, 24 hours per week in their assigned areas, from July 1st to June 30th (the term of their appointment).
2. Appointments are for up to 12 months and are renewable annually providing the student is in good academic standing, making progress towards a master's degree, and realizing the terms of the position and the Learning Contract. Generally, appointments to the program are made for the time it takes for a student to complete a master's degree as a full-time student.
3. Each graduate assistant in the ELP will receive18 units of HNU graduate credits each academic year and will be provided a room in a residence hall on-campus, if one is available. Rooms are assigned on a first come first served basis.


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Learning Outcomes & Assessment

1. In consultation with the Director of the Experiential Learning Program, supervisors will meet with students upon their appointment/renewal to review job descriptions and to develop a Learning Contract.

The Learning Contract will include outcomes directly linked to constructs students are studying in the classroom. General outcomes should concern:

  • How to intentionally apply theory to practice.
  • How to support the mission of an organization through collaboration with other departments and community members.
  • How to connect their efforts to the total experience students have in an educational setting.
  • How to apply ethical and professional standards to work-related settings and situations.
  • How to navigate the dynamics of organizational life.
  • How to conceptualize and re-conceptualize approaches to situations as necessary and appropriate.

Each graduate assistant is required to complete the following:

  • a 2 to 3-page reflection paper prior to the completion of the Fall and Spring Semesters, detailing efforts the GA has made towards achieving the goals of their Learning Contract. This paper is to be reviewed with the GA's supervisor and will be used as part of the annual evaluation process.

  • organize and attend 1 service project during the academic year that involves members of the HNU community

4. A Guide for Learning Contracts, Outcomes, and Assessment.


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Evaluation Process


In consultation with the Director of the Experiential Learning Program, supervisors will meet at least twice during each semester with students for professional and career advising and to review job performance and progress toward learning objectives.


By May 10th of each year, supervisors will conduct formal reviews with graduate assistants in the program:

  • In accordance with HNU academic policies, students must be making satisfactory academic progress.
  • In accordance with HNU HR policies, supervisors will conduct annual performance reviews with students by using the university's ELP performance appraisal process.
  • In consultation with the Director of the Experiential Learning Program, supervisors will evaluate progress towards the objectives listed in the Learning Contract.


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