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Associated Students of HNU (ASHNU)

The Associated Students of Holy Names University (ASHNU) is the student government organization that represents all students of the University. In addition, ASHNU provide student services, activities, and programs for all HNU students. There are several student clubs and organizations on campus and all students are encouraged to participate. The clubs and organizations represent various national, ethnic, cultural, religious, recreational, service and political interests.

ASGAASHNU is an Official Member of American Student Government Association

Contact or submit suggestions to ASHNU at ashnu@hnu.edu


We, the students of Holy Names University, do establish this constitution of the Associated Students of Holy Names University. The purpose of this organization is to parallel the mission of the University by promoting the development of the whole person. The Associated Students seek to represent the student body by acting as a voice to the administration, faculty, staff, and outside the community. We also seek to promote and provide opportunities for involvement in all aspects of campus life including but not limited to the development of leadership skills and aintellectual, cultural, and social growth.


The ASHNU advisors are Dr. Chiho Sawada email and the International Student Advisor and Campus Events Coordinator Lauren Avina email. The role of the advisors will be to advise the ASHNU Council on matters of procedures and campus policies. The advisors will also work closely in monitoring the Executive President in all areas of her/his responsibility, including training and leadership development of the ASHNU Executive Board and other campus student leaders.

ASHNU Membership Qualifications

Any student who is currently registered and enrolled in Holy Names University, who is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the University, shall be a member of ASHNU. Out of that membership, representatives will comprise the ASHNU Council, which will govern the student body.


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