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Holy Names University and Study Abroad Opportunities

Study Abroad One semester or One Year
In order to fully prepare students for today's global marketplace, Holy Names University encourages students to have at least one international experience during their college years. That philosophy has guided Holy Names University in its vision to create unique, affordable service-oriented study abroad opportunities. Currently there are many options to consider. Students may participate in either a semester or a year of study in a foreign country through our affiliation with Central College Abroad.

To find out more about the one semester or one year program click here.

Study Trip Immersion Experiences

Students may also take courses that provide Study Trip Immersion Experiences. These opportunities are part of coursework within the Latin American & Latino/a Studies (LALS 177 & 178) and the Religious Studies program (RLST 177 & RLST 178). The Study Trip Immersion Experience travels in alternate years to Oaxaca, Mexico, and to El Salvador, Central America. It has three components: during the fall semester, students take LALS 177 for the Oaxaca trip or LALS 178 for El Salvador. In January, the group travels to Oaxaca, Mexico or to El Salvador. During the spring semester, students take RLST 177 for the Oaxaca trip or RLST 178 for El Salvador. The Study Trip participants also do service learning each semester in the local community.

To find out more about the Study Trip Immersion Experiences program click here.

Contact Information

Professor Martivón Galindo

Study Abroad Coordinator, HNU
Office: Heafey 637
Phone: (510) 436-1318
Email: galindo@hnu.edu

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