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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the residence halls like?

The residence halls are a comfortable space where you can visit friends, study, and relax. Each room has two twin size beds, a sink, two closets, a set of drawers for each student, two desks, two chairs, a refrigerator and a microwave.  You can decorate and move the furniture around freely in your room to reflect your personal style to make it feel more like home. There are two large communal bathroom/shower areas on each floor.

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Where can we get food?

There are two main places on campus to get a bite to eat. In the Soda Commons is the Public Market - our cafeteria - where you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday through Friday, and brunch and dinner on weekends. There is a salad and sandwich bar in the Public Market if you need to grab a quick bite before class.

Rosie's Café, on the first floor of Brennan Hall, serves: soup, sandwiches, salads, and wraps, and is open late mornings through early evenings during the week.

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Who do I see about financial aid questions?

Any questions, cares, or concerns about your financial aid can be answered in Student Financial Services, commonly referred to as the financial aid office, in Hester Hall. Contact the Director

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Where/How do I register for the upcoming semester?

Registering for your spring semester is different from your hawk day. Each student must make an appointment with their advisor to meet in the advisors office. When it comes time to register, students will be able to download the registration form from the HNU website. The form must be filled out prior to the appointment. After you and your advisor are satisfied with the schedule the student must deliver it to the Student Resource Center in Hester (adjacent to the library) where it will be entered into the records for the next semester. The students must also remember to check that all accounts are cleared or else classes the student will not get their classes for the next semester.

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What is life like on campus?

Life on campus is very active. As you become more familiar with the campus you will discover that there are many clubs and organizations - you may even want to start one. Click here to see a top ten list.

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What sort of activities can I get involved in?

HNU has many activities going on that anyone and everyone could be involved. Students can join clubs, be part of an organization, or start your own club to show your individuality and creativity on campus.  Some activities that are on campus are : school dances, outings to different bay area sites (like Alcatraz), Habitat for Humanity work days on the weekends, Camping and River rafting trips, Shopping trips and more.

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Is Oakland safe?

Oakland is a vibrant city with a great deal of culture and entertainment to experience. You should exercise caution in any urban area and Oakland is no exception. Pay attention to your surroundings as you would in any other city and trust your instincts. A good rule of thumb: always travel with friends.

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I don’t have a car, is there public transportation?

AC Transit and BART can provide transportation to much of what our beautiful city has to offer. You can take the 54 bus, located right outside of HNU on 35th Street, ($1.75) to Fruitvale BART train all around the bay area. You can find out more about both of these systems by visiting www.511.org.

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I forgot some things at home, where is the best shopping center?

One place almost all HNU students will tell you about is the area known as BAY STREET. Bay Street features and AMC Movie Theater, every clothing shop you could want (H&M, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Coach, Express, etc.) and it features other great shops as well (Barnes and Noble, The Apple Store, Cingular Wireless, Pottery Barn, and more). Just take 35th to I-580W towards Berkeley. Exit towards Powell St. and turn right, make a right on Christie and there you are! For more information you can visit their website at http://www.baystreetemeryville.com/.

There is also a Target Store which again, almost all HNU students use. We have many Target stores located nearby but the best is in Albany. A two story warehouse of everything you wanted at great prices. Just take 35th to I-580W towards Berkeley. Exit on Gilman and make a right, then make a right on Eastshore.

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