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Emergency Procedures

The Office of Housing & Residence Life is fully prepared to meet the day to day needs of the community. Should an emergency arise the Residence Life staff, in conjunction with the Office of Campus Safety and other administrators will utilize protocol to ensure the safety and well-being of the community members.

In case of an emergency in the residence halls, please contact a Residence Life member immediately. The Residence Life staff is trained to handle emergency situations including police, fire and ambulance assists. In addition, Campus Safety works closely with the Housing & Residence Life staff. The Campus Safety staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Should a medical emergency arise at any time, the Residence Life staff is trained with protocol to respond to any emergency. If a member of the community warrants medical or psychological attention beyond the means/training of the Residence Life staff, medical personnel from the Oakland community will be called for an appropriate assessment. If you need immediate medical attention, please contact the Residence Life staff or call 911.


Residents must evacuate a building immediately upon the sound of a fire alarm. It is each student’s individual responsibility to evacuate when a fire alarm sounds. Encourage others to leave the building and assist those in need. Exit the building completely and keep a safe distance. Wait for an “all clear” signal from university staff or the fire department before entering the building. Failure to exit during a fire alarm or causing a false alarm may result in a significant fine.

Smoke detectors are installed in each student’s room. Removing, disarming or tampering with the detector or battery seriously jeopardizes the safety of all residents and is a policy violation. Any open flame or any substance like incense or candles are not allowed in the residence halls.


Exterior and interior doors are locked for your protection. Doors leading into the residence halls are secured for the protection of students. Some exits are emergency exits only. All exterior exit doors are monitored by safety cameras. Use of emergency doors for non-emergency purposes may result in judicial sanctions and fines.