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Housing Policies

Student Handbook

Our web site serves as our Student Handbook and this section displays links to policies pertaining to student life. These policies are designed to help guide us through the complexities that we sometimes face.

It is the responsibility of all students to know, understand, and follow all policies of the University. and know that these policies are not a contract and may be changed and/or updated at any time.

Annually, the University notifies students by e-mail that these policies exist. If you would like printed copies of any of them, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at (510) 436-1113.

Residence Life Policies

The Residence Life policies and community expectations listed below reflect the belief that everyone living, visiting, or engaging in activities in University housing plays a role to make certain the residence halls are safe, secure, and conducive to academic and personal growth.

We expect all HNU students, including those who do not live on campus, and guests to adhere with the policies governing residence life. HNU students have the responsibility to make certain their guests comply with these policies at all times.


Residents and guests are required to use appropriate gender-designated restrooms. A gender neutral restroom is located in the Soda Commons.

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Candles (including unburned, decorative candles), incense and other objects with open flames are considered extremely dangerous due to the potential for fire and are prohibited in both private and public spaces.

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Residence hall rooms are not designed or equipped for cooking; however, residents may use hot pots, rice cookers, and coffee pots. All other cooking equipment, including, but not limited to the use of toaster ovens, electric frying pans, electric grills (George Foreman Grills), portable stoves and toasters are prohibited.

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Damage Assessment
  • Residents are responsible for the condition of their rooms, the furnishing and equipment. Students will be billed for any damages not due to normal wear and tear. Residents must carefully review and sign the Room (RCR) form that has been supplied by Housing and Residence Life. This form provides residents the opportunity to document the conditions of their room at move-in time and will be used when residents move out to assess any damages.
  • In individual rooms, damage charges will be divided equally among all residents unless staff in Housing and Residence Life is informed immediately and confirms in writing that the roommates are not equally responsible for the damages. Students who move out at any time during the academic year must have their room inspected by a staff member prior to being released from the financial responsibilities by the University. If students would like to be present for move out inspections, they should make arrangements with staff in Housing and Residence Life to complete the move out RCR.
  • Damages to common areas (hallways, lounges, bathrooms, etc.) may be charged to all residents of a particular floor or building, or the community as a whole unless it can be determined specifically who is responsible.

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Damage or Loss of Personal Property

The University does not assume liability directly or indirectly for loss of damage to personal property caused by fire, theft, water damage or by any means except to the extent provided by law. Additionally, the University is not responsible for personal property left behind by students upon checkout. Items left behind will be donated. Students are encouraged to consider purchasing personal property insurance.

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  • Only non-marring adhesive may be used to hang posters, pictures and wall hangings.

  • Stickers and decals many not be applied to any surface in your room or on-campus including windows, walls, doors, and furnishings.
  • No decorations of any kind should be placed on or hung from the ceiling. Stacking any type of container on the windowsills is unsafe and prohibited.
  • Dart boards are prohibited.
  • All decorations should reflect University standards and values and comply with the University policy. Posting of signs or promotional material involving alcohol or drugs is not permitted.
  • Cut or live Christmas trees are prohibited.
  • Residents may not paint any part of their room. Contact paper is also prohibited when decorating any part of the room.

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Evacuation Procedures

Specific evacuations procedures for each building are posted in designated areas. When the alarm sounds, everyone must evacuate the building. The Housing and Residence Life Staff will call Oakland Fire Department/Police. Follow these simple instructions:

  • Turn off room lights Close windows and doors.
  • The Housing and Residence Life Staff will attempt to check each room to make certain that everyone has evacuated (as the nature of the emergency permits).
  • Grab a coat and shoes and leave in an orderly fashion as instructed in the evacuation (as the nature of the emergency permits)
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • Use exits closest to your location.
  • Stand away from the building in the designated area. The Housing and Residence Life Staff will inform students when they may return to the building.

Deliberately remaining in a building during an evacuation is a danger to yourself and to others who will enter the building to find you. This policy also applies to fire drills.

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Fire Safety

Fire safety starts with prevention. To prevent fires and accidents residents must use common sense and follow these simple guidelines:

  • Candles (including unburned, decorative candles) are prohibited in both private and public spaces.
  • No open flames of any type, including incense. No possession of combustible chemicals.
  • No multiple outlet adaptors or ungrounded electrical appliances are allowed.
  • Halogen lamps are not permitted in student housing.
  • Use only approved electrical appliances.
  • Use caution when using electrical appliances and don’t leave electrical appliances unattended.
  • There are fire extinguishers located throughout the residence halls. They are to be used only in the event of a fire, and are not to be tampered with.
  • Exit signs, which indicate exit routes, particularly during an emergency, are located strategically throughout the building.
  • When an alarm is activated, it will sound throughout the entire building, and the entire building must be evacuated.
  • All hallways and walkways must be kept clear to allow for safe entry and exit to and from all rooms in accordance with fire and safety codes.
  • Do not tamper with fire equipment. Individuals who are found tampering with fire alarms or fire safety equipment will be subject to disciplinary action, with eviction from housing being a possible sanction.

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All residence halls are fully furnished with a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and mini-fridge. We encourage students to bring items from home to personalize their living area. Only University personnel can remove furniture that is supplied with the room without prior written authorization from Campus Life.

  • Residents may not remove furniture from rooms or put it in the hallway outside of the room. Residents should not bunk or disassemble their own bed furniture; this requires special tools and training and should only be done by Campus Services staff. Requests can be made via a work order.
  • The room must be returned to its original condition before move out. Residents will be charged for any items which are missing at check out and inspection, and will also be charged for removal of any personal items left behind.
  • Furnishings in common areas are for use by all members of the community. Residents may not remove furniture from the common areas for any reason.
  • Removal of any Residence Hall property is prohibited.

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Guests (Including Children)
  • Guests must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Children (individuals under 16 years old) may be in the residence halls when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children may not stay overnight in the residence halls without written authorization from the Vice President for Student Affairs, or designate.
  • Residents must escort their guests at all times, and are responsible and held accountable, for the conduct of guests.
  • Students are responsible for any activity that occurs in their rooms, whether or not they are present at the time. Residents should not allow others to use their room without their presence or supervision. Guests who infringe upon the rights of residents or the community will be asked to leave campus.
  • HNU is a Catholic Institution, rooted in Catholic traditions. In accordance with these values, students should abstain from sexual activity in the residence halls.
  • Overnight guests of the opposite sex are strictly prohibited. Exceptions (such as family members) may stay overnight with written authorization from the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • A particular guest may stay no more than (3) consecutive nights and no more than total of (10) nights per semester.
  • Residents must always obtain the approval of their roommate before hosting an overnight guest.

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Hallway and Stairwell Sports

All sports activities including but not limited to Frisbee, football, wrestling, soccer, basketball, or hockey are strictly prohibited in hallways, lounges and stairwells, as these activities can present a danger to other residents.

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Identification Cards
  • Students are required to carry their HNU student ID at all times and to present it to university officials upon request.
  • Students and their guests may be required to show ID at the campus front gate when entering campus.

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Keys and Lockouts
  • It is illegal to duplicate, knowingly misuse, or be in unauthorized possession of a key that is the property of HNU. Unauthorized use of a master key is also grounds for suspension or eviction.
  • Residents are expected to lock their rooms and carry the key.
  • Residents may not allow other individuals to access their Residence Hall room with their keys.
  • It is the Resident Student’s responsibility to have their keys to get into their room. When students are locked out of their rooms, they can contact the residence life staff member on duty at (510) 436-1627. All Students are granted 3 “Grace Lockouts” where Housing and Residence Life will unlock their door without penalty. After 3 grace lockouts students will be charged $25 per lockout, which will be placed on their student account.
  • Issues where students habitually lock themselves out of their room will be considered in violation of the HNU Student Code and may result in additional fines or disciplinary action.

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Littering is prohibited. Members of the University community have a commitment to preserve the appearance and cleanliness of the campus.

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Motorized and Non-Motorized Vehicles

Motorcycles or any other gas or electric powered vehicle or machines may not be taken inside university housing facilities. Bicycles may not be stored in hallways, stairwells or lounges. Bicycles may be stored on bike racks outside the building. Vehicles, including but not limited to bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or skates may not be used in the interior of buildings, on balconies, exterior corridors or in any areas where such activity might cause injury or damage to facilities.

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Non-compliance with University Officials

Housing and Residence Life Staff are authorized to make reasonable requests of residents while performing their duties. All residents are obligated to comply with these requests in a respectful manner, and failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.

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  • A party is defined as a gathering in a facility at which there are six people in a room. Parities with over six people in a room are prohibited.
  • Parties are prohibited on nights preceding classes.
  • No parties with alcohol will be authorized for residents who are not at least 21 years old. Parties must be held compliance with all state laws and University policies. Violators of the party policies will be subject to sanctions ranging from loss of party privileges to eviction from campus housing.

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Animals are not permitted in student sections of the residence halls.  This includes pets of guests or visitors who may be present in the building for a short time. This policy does not apply to fish, in a tank of 20 gallons or less, or service animals.

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Posting and Mailing Policy

Housing and Residence Life is responsible for monitoring all literature distributed or posted in the public areas of residence hall facilities.  All literature to be distributed or posted needs to be approved in advance by staff in the Student Success Center or in Housing and Residence Life.  Information is approved and posted based on the following criteria:

  • HNU departmental information, academic information, student services, and activities information.  We will accept up to 20 copies of these fliers to be posted on each floor and in the lobbies of the Residence Halls.
  • Fliers attempting to sell goods and services, including personal tutoring.  We will accept 5 copies of these fliers to be posted in the lobbies of the Residence Halls. 
  • Fliers that advertise alcohol-related events or which violate the University’s Publicity Regulations will not be accepted or approved for posting or distributing in the residence halls.
  • Posting materials is permitted only in designated posting areas.  Any materials posted in other areas will be removed, and no more than one poster advertising the same item or event is permitted in one location.  Students found responsible for violating this policy are subject to a monetary fine and the loss of the privilege of posting materials in University-operated housing. 

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Pranks which result in disturbances or distress to others, or cause damage to University or personal property (or those that foreseeably could have caused such disturbance, distress or damage), are prohibited. 

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Residence Hall Doors & Locks

The propping open of or intentional tampering with the locking mechanisms of external residence hall doors is considered a serious breach of safety and security for the students of that building their guests, and the other community members.  Such conduct is unacceptable and will be viewed from a “zero tolerance” standpoint.  Any student or guest who is responsible for violating this policy will be subject to sanctions up to an including removal from University Housing.

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Quiet Hours

HNU strives to be an atmosphere conducive to normal living and studying in all living areas.  Courtesy hours are maintained 24 hours per day, every day.  As such, loud televisions, stereos and activities should be suppressed at the request of others in the community.

  • Specific Quiet Hours are in effect from 9:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. on days (Sunday-Thursday) preceding classes and from 1:00 a.m. until 8:00a.m. on days not preceding classes (Friday, Saturday, and designated holidays).
  • All residents must refrain from causing any noise or disruptions that could infringe on other students’ right to study or sleep during these times.  The general guideline is that noise from one’s room should not be audible outside the room door nor in adjacent rooms. All residents and guests must be sensitive their neighbors, who may need quiet during times other than Quiet Hours.
  • Use of amplified musical instruments and drums is prohibited in the residential housing facilities.
  • During final exam week, 23-hour Quiet Hours will be enforced beginning at 5.00 p.m. on the last day of classes.  “Blow-out hour” is from 8-9pm nightly during finals week. The building staff will post quiet hours during breaks.
  • Students attending University functions in facilities adjacent to residential facilities are expected to be courteous at all times.

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Roofs and Ledges

For safety reasons, students are not allowed on the roofs or ledges at any time.

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The selling of goods or memberships in the Residence Halls is not permitted. Permission is never given to any campus group or business to solicit door-to-door. Residents should notify a staff member if they observe people soliciting door-to-door. Student organizations wishing to sell goods in the Residence Halls must obtain prior written permission from Housing and Residence Life.

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Limitations to Privacy

Holy Names University recognizes the basic right of each resident to privacy in his or her university-operated room. Although every effort will be made to respect this right of privacy, the University reserves the right to enter any resident’s room to conduct a search for health, safety, and/or maintenance reasons, as well as suspected violations of University policies, local, state or federal law. It should be clearly understood that the guidelines outlined herein for search and entry are intended for the protection of the individual resident and the University. It is anticipated that the spirit of this search and entry policy will reflect an attitude of good faith in maintaining the integrity of the individual and the University.

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Right of Entry

  • Authorized University personnel may enter student rooms for normal maintenance of University property or to inspect or make necessary repairs to rooms or equipment or when there is reasonable cause to believe a policy violation is occurring.
  • Entrance to student rooms is permitted without notice where there is determined to be imminent danger to life, health, safety, or property.
  • The Housing and Residence Life staff makes periodic inspections, including Winter break closing inspections in each residence hall room at the end of fall semester.  
  • Authorized personnel must carry appropriate University identification and show it upon student request. Outside contractors will be accompanied by Campus Services staff when doing work in residence hall rooms.
  • University personnel will not grant access to student rooms to friends, relatives or other students.
  • Vacancies that exist in a room may be shown to prospective occupants when accompanied by a member of the staff. When possible, advance notice will be given.
  • It is never acceptable for a student to enter another resident’s room without permission.

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Administrative Search Warrants and Procedures for Room Entry and Searches

An Administrative Search Warrant authorizes only University officials to search a room. Any search by local police or other civic officials must be conducted with a search warrant issued through a court having competent jurisdiction.

An Administrative Search Warrant must include the following information:

  1. The violation(s) suspected.
  2. The basis for suspicion and the particular items which the search is being conducted.
  3. The room number to be searched and the occupant(s) names(s).
  4. The date and approximate time of search.

The Vice President of Student Affairs or designee must authorize the Administrative Search Warrant.

Procedures for Room Entry and Search

  1. No resident’s room should not be entered without first knocking. Entry, following the knock, shall be preceded by a time lapse of sufficient duration to provide occupant(s) with ample time to open door him or herself. In case in which a room is entered in the absence of its occupant(s), authorized personnel will leave written notification.
  2. Residents will be given a receipt with belongings removed following the search or discovered upon entry. Their belongings will be returned, if and when it is safe and lawful to do so, after the disposition of the case by the appropriate University or civil authorities.
  3. Two University representatives must be present when searching a room if an occupant is not present.

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Vandalism is prohibited. Vandalism is defined as acts of malicious mischief, willful damage or destruction of personal or University property. Vandalism is grounds of eviction from University Housing.

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Weapons and Explosives

Possession of weapons or explosives, including, but not limited to firearms, knives, BB guns, paint ball gun,  bows/ arrows, hunting knives, swords, billy clubs, brass knuckles, blow guns, dart guns, wrist rockets, pellet guns, catapults, switchblades, martial arts equipment, fireworks, ammunition, and firecrackers, on University-owned or operated property is grounds for eviction from University housing and/ or Suspension from HNU.

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Windows and Screens

  • For safety and security reasons, neither people nor objects are permitted to pass through windows in residential facilities.
  • Throwing objects into or out of windows, through doorways, or in the interiors of the buildings is prohibited at all times.
  • Residents may not install or place objects, appliances, or equipment in or on windows, sills, roofs or ledges. Prohibited equipment includes, but is not limited to satellite dishes, air conditioners, fans, lights, plants, and clothing.
  • Removing or tampering with the screens that have been installed in the window is prohibited. Screens found damaged or missing will be replaced. The cost for replacement will be charged to the occupants of the room or apartment. If screens or windows are vandalized, residents should immediately report the incident to a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff.
  • Students are not allowed on the roofs, ledges, or window frames at any time. 

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