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Residence Halls

When you live in the residence halls you’re part of the campus - close to the library, computer labs and classrooms. Best of all, your friends—old friends and the ones you haven't made yet—are right around the corner.

  Dunn Feehan Durocher Founders
# Students 164 66 179 48
# Residential Floors 4 2 3 2
Freshmen x x    
Upperclassmen x x x x
Graduate Students       x
Singles x   x  
Doubles x x x  
Suites   x x  
Community Bathrooms x x x  
Single Gender Floors/Wings Available x x   x

Housing and Residence Life Front Desk

The Front Desk is the main hub of the Residence Halls at HNU and offers various services and amenities:

  • Entertainment
    • Movie and Video Game Rentals
    • Equipment Rentals
      • Billiards
      • Table Tennis
      • Board Games
      • Tools
      • Vacuum Cleaner/Broom and Dustpan
    • Entertainment Box in the Hawk's Nest:
      • PS3 (games and controllers)
      • Audio System
  • Administrative and Housing
    • Key and Access Card Replacement
    • Mail and Package Service
    • Flyer/Posting Approval
    • Copy Machine
    • Fax Machine
    • 24-Hour Computer Lab
    • Various Office Supplies
  • First Aid
    • Bandages
    • Disposable Gloves
    • Eye Wash
    • Cottom Balls


What size are the mattresses?

The size of our mattresses is twin extra long. We suggest purchasing extra long mattress sheets.

Can I bring a microwave and/or refrigerator? Are they provided?

A mini-fridge is provided in each room. There are also microwaves in some rooms. Additionally, you are allowed to bring your personal fridge or microwave to the residence halls. Please note that the appliances cannot use more that 120 volts, 60 hertz, or 2.5 amps of power. You may also want to speak to your roommate(s) before move-in day to see who should bring what. You may not have enough room for duplicates of everything!

When will I get my housing assignment?

You will receive your housing assignment in late July/early August. If you have any questions about your assignment or the status of your application, please contact Residence Life.

What to Pack

This list contains some suggestions of what you should be packing. Its is not necessarily exclusive or universal.