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Resident Information

Meal Plans

Holy Names University is proud to partner with the Epicurean Group in our dining halls, known as the Public Market and Rosie’s Cafe. Epicurean offers a wide variety of meal plans and food options to satisfy all types of appetites. As a resident student, you will be required to purchase a meal plan as a part of your housing package. Meal plans are available in many varieties and offer flexibility for all types of students.

  • Epicurean offers students a small window at the beginning of each semester to alter meal plans. If you wish to change your request, email it to vacca@hnu.edu.
  • All resident students must purchase a meal plan while living on campus.
  • Meal plan exemptions are only valid for medical or dietary reasons. If you wish to submit a request for exemption, please click here.
  • You can utilize your meal plan in the Public Market or in Rosie’s Café.

You can find more information about dining on campus here.

ID Cards and Services

Your student identification card, which must be shown when going to the dining halls, the library, and when entering campus after 9 pm, is your primary piece of identification on the Holy Names University campus. If you lose your ID, notify the Student Resource Center immediately by going to their office in the Hester Administration Building. Replacement cost for IDs is $30.

Information Technology

The Holy Names University Information Technology Department, located in 657 Heafey Hall, is fully equipped to handle all of your computer/network related issues and concerns. If you need help from the IT department for any reason, you may contact them directly at helpdesk@hnu.edu or via phone at (510) 436-1611. You may also submit a help desk request by emailing helpdesk@hnu.edu.


Resident rooms are inspected at the beginning and end of each semester and any damages/maintenance concerns are addressed at that time. If your room requires maintenance attention at any time during the semester, you may submit a maintenance request at the Residence Life front desk. All immediate concerns should be directed towards the Residence Life staff at (510) 436-1500.


If you are interested in parking your car on campus or have questions related to parking/safety and security, contact the Campus Safety at (510) 436-1601. You may also visit the Campus Safety office in the Soda Commons. There is no fee to obtain an on-campus parking permit if you live on campus.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall. Washers are $1.25 per load and Dryers are $1.00 per load to operate with a debit or credit card. Students can check the status of their clothes and see what machines are available at www.wavevision.com. All laundry related concerns should be reported to the Residence Life Front Desk.

Cable Service

Cable Service on campus is provided by Comcast. If you’d like to receive all of the available cable channels that you pay for in your campus fees, you’ll have to obtain a small cable box (at no fee to you).

Comcast will be sending a representative to activate and hand out boxes on at the beginning of the semester (date to be decided) You’ll need to bring:

  • A valid ID (i.e. driver’s license, state ID – more than just your HNU ID)
  • Credit Card (not to charge, but have on file)

Only one person in your room needs to get a box for the room.

Important Dates

Fall 2013

  • August 28: First day of class
  • September 2: Labor Day (Campus Holiday – no class)
  • October 18: Mid-semester Holiday (no class)
  • November 28 – December 1: Campus Holiday: Thanksgiving Break (classes meet M-W except Term 2 classes)
  • December 6: Last day of fall semester classes
  • December 9: Study Day
  • December 10-14: Final Examinations
  • December 15 – January 12: Winter Break

Spring 2014

  • January 13: First day of class
  • January 20: MLK Jr. Day (Campus Holiday – no class)
  • February 17: President’s Day (no class)
  • March 10-16: Student Holiday: Spring Break
  • April 18-20: Campus Holiday: Good Friday and Easter (classes meet M-Th except Term 4 classes)
  • May 5: Last day of fall semester classes
  • May 6: Study Day
  • May 7-13: Final Examinations
  • May 17: Commencement Ceremonies