Mission Statement

The HNU Writing Studio fosters collaboration, conversation, and critical reflection on writing. Open to all members of the HNU community, the Studio provides opportunities to receive constructive feedback from trained consultants and to develop strategies for all stages of the writing process. We welcome writers working on any writing project, at any stage in their writing process.

Confidentiality Policy

Without a written request from the student, the Writing Studio does not share information about consultation appointments with instructors or other inquiring parties. In the event that a written request is made, the Writing Studio will happily share the date and time of a completed appointment.

Honor Code Policy

It is the responsibility of each student to uphold the Holy Names University policy on Academic Conduct. Additionally, it is each student’s responsibility to determine whether it is appropriate to schedule an appointment for a particular assignment (e.g., a take-home exam or foreign language essay). If a Writing Consultant or Writing Fellow questions whether or not working with you on a particular assignment violates the HNU Academic conduct policy, the Consultant may cancel the session until she or he talks with the Director.

Scheduling Policies

Number of Appointments

Undergraduate students may schedule up to two appointments per week. Graduate students may schedule one appointment per week or have one walk in appointment per week. Undergraduate students may also use the Writing Studio up to twice a week on a walk-in basis when consultants are available. Students are never permitted to have more than one session in a day.

Extended sessions for graduate students

Graduate students working on theses and other larger projects may make special arrangements for extended sessions with a writing consultant. Requests for extended sessions should be addressed to writing@hnu.edu.


If a student is more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, the appointment may be given to a walk-in client.


In the event that a cancellation cannot be avoided, an appointment should be cancelled at least eight hours in advance out of respect for others’ time. Appointments can be cancelled by emailing the Writing Studio at writing@hnu.edu.

Missed Appointments

After three missed appointments, a student will lose the privilege to schedule appointments for the remainder of the semester. He or she will still be able to use Studio services on a walk-in basis as the schedule permits.

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