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For access to a variety of resources for writers, please choose from among the categories listed below.

Here you’ll find online versions of Writing Studio handouts as well as handouts from other institutions. These include: general writing tips, word and sentence level concerns, argumentation strategies, how to incorporate sources, research, and more!

Writer’s Shelf
Here you can find access to style guides, get tips on plagiarism, and browse through a comprehensive dictionary of terms every writer should know.

Style & Citation Guides
Citation can be an overwhelming part of writing a research paper. Questions abound over how to correctly format citations as well as which style to use in the first place. This page contains links to helpful examples and guidelines to the most common style formats, including MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, and CSE.

Tips on Avoiding Plagiarism
The word plagiarism comes from the Latin “plagium,” meaning “kidnapping”; in writing, it relates to improperly using someone else’s words, ideas, or images as your own. In American academics, you must cite all information that you borrow from research sources. If you do not, it is considered plagiarism, a serious academic offense. The sites on this page give more detailed information on what constitutes plagiarism and the steps you as a writer can take to avoid it.

HNU Library Links
More than just impressive collections of books and journals, Cushing Library dedicates many resources to helping guide students across the disciplines through the research process. Here, you’ll find links to helpful tips on research and writing.

Venues for Undergraduate Publication
Collected here is a sampling of some of the journals to which undergraduate students can submit academic work for publication.  We have included, wherever possible, a journal’s mission statement to help you make initial decisions about whether or not you want to learn more about or be associated with that publication.

Graduate Students
Links to information on thesis/dissertation writing, crafting your curriculum vitae, and HNU resources for graduate students.

ESL Writers
Helpful links for ESL students. Sites include quizzes in grammar, instructional videos, and discussion forums.

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