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Steve Borg ’86 and Betsy Fabro-Borg ’86

borg-largeSteve Borg ’86 and Betsy Fabro-Borg ’86 met at then-Holy Names College as freshmen in 1982. Betsy focused on career and travel, especially to Hawaii, Australia, and Europe, the first 12 years after graduation. She and Steve married in August 1990 and when they started a family, Betsy was a pricing analyst in the wine industry. Betsy is now dedicated to the challenging role of mother to their two children, homemaker for the family, caretaker of an aging parent, and community volunteer. Steve has worked for the past 25 years in the banking industry and is a senior vice president and corporate marketing director of California Bank & Trust, specializing in cross-cultural communications and marketing.

Steve credits HNU for providing him with “four key success factors” that have helped him to build his career. “Holy Names taught me the importance of critical thinking; it prepared me to be a good communicator; it gave me a sense of responsibility—both socially and ethically; and it gave me a global perspective, in part because of my major and in part because of HNU’s diverse student body,” he said.

Steve says that critical thinking, communication, and thinking ethically “are the basis of the whole liberal arts tradition” and more important than technical skills. He is grateful that HNU prepared him to excel in today’s global marketplace.

In 2007, Steve and Betsy informed HNU that they were remembering the University in their estate plans and they became members of the Marie-Rose Durocher Legacy Society. Steve and Betsy have encouraged younger alumni to recognize the University in their estate plans.

“Many people with children . . . don’t think about the Legacy Society as an option because they are naturally focused . . . on the welfare of their children,” they said. “There is a way to do both, even if the larger percentage of the estate goes to their heirs. Those children grow up, finish school, and move away and then there is an opportunity later in life to make the Legacy Society a bigger part of the plan.”

Holy Names University has been blessed with generous alumni and friends who, like Steve and Betsy, have remembered the University in their estate plans. Since its inception in 1995, the Marie-Rose Durocher Legacy Society has numbered more than 130 donors, 82 of whom are still living.

If you have remembered the University in your estate plans and would like to become a member of the Marie-Rose Durocher Legacy Society or wish for information about how to include HNU in your estate, please contact Sister Carol Sellman at sellman@hnu.edu or (510) 436-1265.

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