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Maura Granados

granados-largeMaura Granados, a current student at HNU and recipient of the Catholic High Schools Scholarship and SNJM Scholarship, migrated from Mexico to the United States at the age of seven. Unable to speak English, she entered a challenging period of her educational career. However, she realized that learning English was an opportunity to become a connection between her native country’s and adopted country’s cultures. “Being a link between what are now my two cultures is my dream, and it would not be possible without a college education,” she says.

Maura intends to study international business at Holy Names University to further her dream of “being a bridge of cultures.” She also plans to join Campus Ministry—a tradition she sustains from high school.

“I am honored to be one of the recipients of your scholarship,” Maura said. “I am in forever gratitude because your assistance is not only supporting my dreams, but the American dream that my family has for me to go to college.”

To receive information on creating an endowed scholarship, please contact Sister Carol Sellman, director of planned giving, at (510) 436-1265 or sellman@hnu.edu.