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Marylou Hinojosa ’07

MaryLouHinojosa-largeThe financial support that Marylou Hinojosa received from HNU donors Cornell Maier, and Albert and Elizabeth Mullen-Selfa set in motion the beginning of her educational dreams. Marylou graduated from HNU with a bachelor’s degree in 2007, and is now training to become a teacher.

Marylou was drawn to Holy Names University because of the small class sizes and availability and dedication of faculty.

“I value the education I received from HNU. I realize, too, that HNU symbolizes the area that we live in,” she says. “The diversity of the student body gives students an advantage as they go into the world. Students learn to understand different cultures and how to relate to people with different backgrounds.”

Marylou will carry these skills with her as she enters the teaching field in Oakland, and works with its diverse student body. Growing up in Oakland, she hopes to give back to the community she was raised in.

“I deeply appreciate the economic help that I have received,” Marylou said. “I am grateful that people like Cornell Maier, and Albert and Elizabeth Mullen-Selfa make education possible for others. As a result of their generosity, I hope to make a difference in the lives of many.”